Just a quick check-in.

The last 3 weeks *Twinkle’ and I have been working 16 hours a day 7 days a week. *Twinkle* is now manager of Total Football, where I’m also employed part time; i’m carrying out a complete overhaul of IT within the company, and streamlining offline systems. In addition to that I’m doing some creative / marketing work.

Oh, and we managed a number of coaching sessions in Tokyo and Osaka with coaches flown in from FC Barcelona (pictured). The Osaka trip was pretty crazy, feet didn’t touch the ground, but a great success. Photos on Flickr.

Next up we have a book coming out in 3 weeks, and desperately need a new website for that.

The other half of my time is bring spent on www.21foundation.com. I’ve customised the Facebook page, re-transcribed our film, 21:21, got it set up for translation on dotSUB, and then rebuilt the website in wordpress (it was drupal – well, still is as wordpress yet to go live). That’s been a challenge.

Will be ramping up the marketing campaign once the site is up.

Was interviewed by a writer for J-Select magazine about running, although my injured foot is still preventing me from running…

Next week is looking busy. In addition to the above I’m giving a presentation at the American Chambers of Commerce, and another one at a new regular social media meetup event. Doing some filming on Thursday and Saturday, a party on Friday, a running meetup on Sunday.

I’m being very protective of my time, but even so, it’s tricky to not do too much.

I would say though that these are very exciting times. Having ownership of these projects, knowing that these are good causes, and being able to work with *Twinkle*, makes it all very rewarding.

Oh, I forgot – i have a website to translate this weekend too!

Night night.

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