We’re standing on a platform in Saitama, about to board the train that will take us south, under central Tokyo and out the the other sude to our home. We’ve spent the weekend with *Twinkle’s* family. Not only dies that mean good company, but also good food and liberal use of an aircon.

Much of my time there was spent working, when I wasn’t being distracted by the TV, which just served to reinforce my conviction that we should never get a TV.

With these two social media events coming up this week, I’m having an interesting conversation with myself re. Who I Am when it comes to social media. I dislike much of what I see in the social media marketing industry, and am wary of being pulled into that world.

For me, social media use is a very personal thing (as I think it needs to be to be effective), and I don’t want to sacrifice integrity for the sake of the potential profit I could generate by being an ‘expert’.

Having said that, I do enjoy sharing what I know and helping others – and public speaking too. I need to find that middle ground, where I can share my passions, but in a sustainable manner – and with integrity. We’ll see how it pans out.


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