Last night I took the next step with my training for the Tokyo Marathon 2011, by running with weights. If I’m going to carrying a computer during the full marathon I’m going to need to get accustomed to the weight, so last night I wore a rucksack with my iPad, bottle of water and other bits and bobs in. It wasn’t too bad.

I also strapped a 1/2 kilo weight to each wrist as I need to strengthen my arms for carrying some kind of steadycam for my iPhone.

Although the stats show that I ran over 20km, I think that’s not quite right – the GPS went a bit funny so it’s more likely to be about 19km.

I was absolutely shattered by the end of the run. I’d wanted to run 21km, but my body just refused to cooperate.

I don’t feel too bad today – although my shoulders do ache a bit!

Next time I’ll probably try adding more weight, comparable to the actual marathon. I have a spare iBook I can use for that.