[[posterous-content:pid___1]]What do a middle school student, world champion juggler, social entrepreneur, Pulitzer Prize winner, car designer, skateboarder, world champion yo-yo artist and a jazz singer have in common? 

They all presented at TEDxYouth@Tokyo!

One of 61 TEDxYouthDay events happening around the world, TEDxYouth@Tokyo, held at Tokyo International School, was organised and run by a team of 11-18 year olds whom together had put together a stunning lineup of speakers and entertainment. 


The core theme – Youth2Youth – was clear from the moment of arrival at reception: anyone looking over-age was asked to present their student ID cards!

As well as almost all presenters being 18 or under, the MCs, stage management team and tech teams were also staffed entirely by young volunteers, many of whom were taking on these roles for the first time. 


Between the event’s three sessions participants could be found rock-climbing, skateboarding, watching other TEDxYouthDays happening around the world on laptops, chilling out in the chill lounge – or taking part in the impromptu rave on the main stage!

iPod touches linked to the TEDxYouth@Tokyo Twitter account were handed out for participants to tweet the proceedings, whilst the backstage livestream camera crew (one of two channels used to live broadcast the event) carried out a number of interviews during break times, capturing the feel of the event from the participant’s perspective. 

To emphasise the global nature of TEDxYouthDay, live Skype video calls were included in the program, with the local team connecting with other TEDxYouthDay events in Singapore, Ipoh (Malaysia) , Hong Kong and Taipei.


Overall, the event was a huge success, with participants s describing it as a fun, inspiring, unforgettable experience.

To see all of the photos from the event (taken by one of our 11-year-old volunteers) view our set on Flickr. Video from the event is also available here (Technical issues mean that audio is missing in some parts!)

Our thanks to the TEDx team for coordinating this global movement – the TEDxYouth@Tokyo rcew looks forward to taking part in future youth-centered events.


Posted via email from TEDx Blog