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For an enthusiast like me who until now has only used the cheapest digital SLRs, the Nikon D7000 opens up a whole new world of photography. Until now I’ve been limited to taking photos where there’s decent lighting …or putting up with a lot of noise and blur. Taking photos of *Twinkle* on a moving bicycle in the dark was impossible, as was taking photos of water droplets on leaves in a dark alley, handheld.

I’ve got a lot to learn about how to use my D7000 to its full potential, but I’m loving the learning process.
Coupled with a geo-tagging eye-fi card it’s especially awesome. Love the way my photos are already on my computer by the time I get home!
Having found the average RAW file to be about 20mb, I’ve also invested in 2 x 32GB SD cards, allowing me to take up to 1000 shots in RAW+JPEG Fine mode.
Still trying to figure out what the best workflow is for processing. Using Lightroom 3 for processing – Lightroom 2 can’t read D7000 .NEF files!

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