Over the past few months I’ve come to love Posterous. It is, in my view, simply the easiest /most convenient way to update both my blog and social networks.

A couple of weeks ago I revisited the Posterous blogging app for iPhone, and quickly grew to love it. As a result, I’ve started posting a lot more frequently. These posts are by default sent to my Microblog, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, and result in hundreds of hits in a very short space of time.

This encourages me to continue with these mobile posts, and to start adding more text to accompany the photos.

I’m also liking Audioboo a lot – an instant podcasting platform that allows me to record five minute audio diaries on my iPhone, and autopost them via posterous to all of my networks.

With this in mind, I then turn towards this, the Daily Mumble. It’s only been updated once or twice this year, and whilst I had hoped I would be able to find more time to keep readers informed, that looks increasingly unlikely to happen. However, having started it in 2002, I’m reluctant to let it die – it’s an important record of my life – and so instead I have chosen to reroute my Posterous updates here. Photos, text, audio, and occasional video.

So, from now my posts here will be a lot more frequent. Ok, so there may not be as much text as there has been, but I feel that some content is better than no content at all!

I’ve started off by importing all posts from my Microblog (which will now be shut down) – apologies for spamming your RSS feedreader.