Chocolate with a hint of marmite …mmmm! – a present from two of our good friends recently back from the UK on the occasion of our house-warming party tonight. It was the first party I’ve ever hosted, as I’ve never lived somewhere that makes a good venue. Over the past few years in Tokyo I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of really great people, but it was only last month that we got the venue sorted by moving into this apartment – and tonight we put it to the test, by inviting about 30 friends around for a housewarming party. I was really happy to bring together a lot of people from very different parts of my Tokyo life, people who mean a lot to me but who have never met one another. At one point, someone commented, “Wow, you have such nice friends” – and it’s true, I do – and I feel blessed. This Tokyo life really is a very happy one. I thank all of those who are a part of it for making it such. I’d better sleep now as Erin (the US journalist covering my story this week) and I have to run about 25km tomorrow morning before she flies back to the states. Oyasumi Joseph