Whilst I’ve been at the computer nearly all day, I did manage to make some time to take a stroll around the local park – Kitanomaru koen (just to the north of the Imperial Palace).

Whilst cherry blossom draws crowds to the moat that runs around the outside of the park, inside it’s relatively quiet, with wide open grassy spaces, streams, a pond, a few cherry trees and some lovely woodland.

It’s also very peaceful – and almost possible to forget that you’re in the middle of Tokyo.

The park is popular with schools, and whilst not pictured in this collection, there was a group of children there this morning being instructed in how to appreciate the nature!

Coming from a rural part of England that was something I managed without too much effort!

Back home, I planted our third pineapple – fingers crossed it takes. I added the chopped-up remainders of the body of the pineapple (that we ate most of last night) to the soil to help feed it.

I also noticed that the bulbs I planted last week have started to shoot – very happy to see them poking out from beneath the soil.


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