Wild Tame Co., Ltd, and the Apple

It’s been a busy week – and it’s only Wednesday!

Cloudy Tokyo Sky at Night_9585

Just a quick blog post to mark a special event – the founding of Wild Tame Co., Ltd. We completed the registration process yesterday, with the help of our consultant, Kaori Fuchi.

So what does this mean in practical terms? Not much as far as the outside world is concerned. There won’t be any grand office opening, there won’t be the launch of any all-singing all-dancing website, there won’t be the hiring of new staff at this point. I will continue to work with existing clients (but now operating as a Kabushiki Gaisha of which I’m president/CEO) instead of as a self-employed individual.

Over time the company will become increasingly relevant, as we take on bigger projects which simply wouldn’t be possible if I was operating as an individual freelancer.

I’m excited to be starting work for a new client next week – a long term contract that I think will turn out to be a defining moment in my life. More about that in due course.

I’ve recorded a couple of audio boos this week in which I talk a little bit more about setting up the company and so forth (these are also available at http://audioboo.fm/tamegoeswild)

GPS Art, Setting up a company (mp3)

Wild Tame Co., Ltd now official (mp3)

In other news, we love our house. Really love it. The feeling of living in some kind of penthouse is not wearing off.

As summer hints at drawing to a close, so the balcony garden starts to turn. Here’s a video update that shows the pepper plant now in full production, and the tomatoes a little worse for wear,

In other-other news, this week I’ve been in the news a fair amount. My half-marathon run in the shape of the Apple Logo, dedicated to Steve Jobs (who just last week announced his resignation as Apple CEO), went viral. It was featured by the usual suspects (CNET, PC Magazine, TUAW, MSNBC), which led to that viral splurge across the tech press – it’s now been republished on literally hundreds of sites. It’s done the rounds in Europe, with popular articles in Germany, Poland, Italy, and now France.

A couple of articles that made me laugh were those in the Huffington Post UK and this French site – the usual ‘Man in Tokyo’ being replaced by ‘Joseph Tame’ in the title as if my name was known by others. They seem to be mistaking me for someone else. Another version that I enjoyed was this, in which the author actually thought a bit about what I was doing, rather than simply reposting the generic blurb.

What I did of course wasn’t really newsworthy in itself. It was simply the timing: the news of Steve Job’s departure as CEO was big news; following the initial barrage of stories on him and his achievements there was little else for the popular sites to say – they needed a new twist on the story to keep it alive. My run provided them with that story.

I would add that that hadn’t actually been my intention. My intention was to simply enjoy my run and show my gratitude for Steve’s part in the creation of the devices that I use every day.

Something which I didn’t mention in the post on my site was that I spend the whole run listening to an audiobook by Lance Armstrong – Every Second Counts – in which he tells of his battle with cancer. It was remarkable, inspiring, and had me utterly absorbed for the duration. I’m sure that Steve will be battling his cancer with a similar attitude.

Anyhow, I’ll leave it here for now. I need to be out of the house quite early today to set up a corporate bank account.


New site for my tech projects: http://josephta.me

As a freelance worker with plenty of work on, it’s difficult to make time for non-client (personal) projects. There’s always something to be done for one of my paying jobs; taking time out for non-essential stuff that doesn’t pay the bills is hard to do. This is reflected in the neglect we’ve seen in these parts this past year!

Still, with it being holiday season, I felt OK about taking some time out yesterday and today to get my own house in order. With increasing attention from the public and mass media directed towards my running / tech projects, I felt it was important to finally consolidate these kinds of projects under a new, permanent roof. So that’s what I’ve done – over at my new site http://josephta.me. This replaces the temporary site I set up last year for the Tokyo Marathon Project, and is where I’ll be posting news of my next invention, new Art of Running pieces, and other bits and bobs that aren’t of a personal nature.

It’s not the end for this site though. I’ve used TameGoesWild for over 9 years now (see the old site here) as a repository for personal reflections on life, and whilst updates have been infrequent in recent years, I don’t want to give it up. Thus, I’ll be continuing to post here when I have the time. The only change is that I’m finally retiring the name ‘The Daily Mumble‘, and simply using TameGoesWild.

Whilst one might think that I’d be better off using TameGoesWild for the more public, outrageous stuff and josephTa.me for the personal stuff, over the past year I’ve found that josephta.me is far more marketable when dealing with media from multiple countries. TameGoesWild only really makes sense in English (unless I take the time to explain the ‘clever’ meaning to non-native speakers) – josephta.me then is much more sticky when it comes to global media campaigns.

When sorting out these sites today, I found myself listening to some old podcasts (links in the sidebar) – it’s funny hearing myself from a few years back. In a way so much has changed, and in a way everything is still the same. Listening to these gave me further encouragement to continue in my efforts to document my life.

Speaking of which, here’s a podcast I recorded earlier tonight …in which I basically say everything I’ve just written above!

Creation of http://josephta.me (mp3)

Love Joseph

Art of Running in R25

Finally, I’ve made it to the gadget pages! Little article appeared in this week’s edition of R25 magazine (circulation 150,000 I believe) featuring my Art of Running project, includes the cute little picture of Hello Kitty from earlier in the year.

Meiji Jingu Fireworks Display

A few photos taken from the balcony tonight of the fireworks display at Meiji Jingu. I’m quite impressed by what even relatively cheap cameras are capable of these days – these were taken 2.5 miles/4km from the launch site.