As a freelance worker with plenty of work on, it’s difficult to make time for non-client (personal) projects. There’s always something to be done for one of my paying jobs; taking time out for non-essential stuff that doesn’t pay the bills is hard to do. This is reflected in the neglect we’ve seen in these parts this past year!

Still, with it being holiday season, I felt OK about taking some time out yesterday and today to get my own house in order. With increasing attention from the public and mass media directed towards my running / tech projects, I felt it was important to finally consolidate these kinds of projects under a new, permanent roof. So that’s what I’ve done – over at my new site This replaces the temporary site I set up last year for the Tokyo Marathon Project, and is where I’ll be posting news of my next invention, new Art of Running pieces, and other bits and bobs that aren’t of a personal nature.

It’s not the end for this site though. I’ve used TameGoesWild for over 9 years now (see the old site here) as a repository for personal reflections on life, and whilst updates have been infrequent in recent years, I don’t want to give it up. Thus, I’ll be continuing to post here when I have the time. The only change is that I’m finally retiring the name ‘The Daily Mumble‘, and simply using TameGoesWild.

Whilst one might think that I’d be better off using TameGoesWild for the more public, outrageous stuff and for the personal stuff, over the past year I’ve found that is far more marketable when dealing with media from multiple countries. TameGoesWild only really makes sense in English (unless I take the time to explain the ‘clever’ meaning to non-native speakers) – then is much more sticky when it comes to global media campaigns.

When sorting out these sites today, I found myself listening to some old podcasts (links in the sidebar) – it’s funny hearing myself from a few years back. In a way so much has changed, and in a way everything is still the same. Listening to these gave me further encouragement to continue in my efforts to document my life.

Speaking of which, here’s a podcast I recorded earlier tonight …in which I basically say everything I’ve just written above!

Creation of (mp3)

Love Joseph