There’s been some really lovely sunsets recently, and now I’m working from my home office I’ve been fortunate enough to witness them most days since the autumn equinox.

Autumn in Japan is one of my favourite seasons, coming in a close second after spring. The intense humidity of summer is gone, and aside from the occasional storm swinging in from the south, the weather is generally good …perfect for running!

I hope that this autumn twinkle Tame and I can get out of the city now and then to connect with nature. We’re not getting off to a bad start; tomorrow we’ll be heading off to Hokkaido for a few days, our first holiday in a long long time. Good food, beautiful nature, and hopefully no work. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’ll just have to try not to spend all my time playing with my new toy – the iPhone 5 arrived yesterday. Whilst not some revolutionary upgrade from the 4S, it really is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I’d better do the washing up before Twinkle Tame wakes up.