Love my Drobo FS but have been dissapointed by sluggish performance …then discovered CAT8 Ethernet cables – has made a huge difference (was the standard CAT5), much faster transfers now.

Still not fast enough for video editing though – currently using USB3 drives for that. But looking forward to Drobo's next release – a thunderbolt version with built in SSD, out later this year 🙂

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  1. I'm curious how you discovered CAT8, when all GigE needs is CAT5e (the e is important). Even expensive 10 Gbit ethernet only needs CAT6.

    CAT8 sounds like something Monster cables would use to rip-off unsuspecting punters on the basis that bigger numbers are better.

  2. This is the problem living so close to Japan's biggest electronics store. You end up buying all sorts of stuff that not only you don't need, but that doesn't even exist!