TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout

今晩は TEDxTokyo Google+ ハングアウトでTED2013 のスピーカーとして選ばれたBLACK氏をゲストの一人として参加していただきました!

BLACKさんが現在Campfireのcrowd fundingサイトで支援を求めています。


World Yo-Yo Champion, TEDxTokyo Speaker and all-round very nice guy BLACK has been chosen to speak / perform on the main stage at TED in California this year. He joined us as a special guest for tonight's TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout.

Help him take his performance to the next level by supporting his crowd-funding campaign to help cover the costs involved. Can't wait to see him wow the world!

TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout 2013年1月21日: TED2013 スピーカーについて

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Snow in Tokyo

Today’s weather is quite a contrast to the lovely warm temperatures we’d become accustomed to in Guam…

The snow was really piling up on our balconies – there was only one person I could call to help clear them – The Snow Penguin.

Snow Penguin 6413

Snow Penguin

Snow Penguin and Joseph

As the snow starts to melt, we’re now being treated to what feels like a lightweight bombing raid – huge blocks of snow are falling from the floors above us, crashing down on our balconies. Somewhat unnerving, but their hitting the concrete far enough way to avoid splatting the Aloe vera, so it’s all good.