It's late here in Guam, and I've just got back in from a run. One thing I've found – there are not as many roads on Guam as in central Tokyo. So, when it comes to the Art of Running, there's not much to work with.

Having said that, we went to local market this evening, where a couple of locals had a stunning array of banana varieties on display. This triggered a thought: "Hmmm, bananas. I'm sure there's an ancient legend about them, connected with the local bay…"

A quick search, and sure enough, I found it: The story* goes that there was once a banana that so wanted to be a beautiful coral-lined bay, that it deliberately ate too much for months on end, and consumed thousands of litres of water, until it had grown to the size of the bay. It then snuggled up behind the bay and whispered in its ear, "Can we swap places for a day?"

On hearing this, the bay turned around and said, "Don't be stupid, you're a banana".

It's not known what happened to the banana after that. 

Anyway, that's why I ran this route tonight.

*the story isn't actually true. Although I was actually inspired by a banana seller at the local market tonight.

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