I originally posted this over on josephta.me, but I’m so efficient/lazy/busy I’m reposting it as it is right here.

With this month marking the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a lot of media are focusing on stories connected to the horrendous events of that March 11th.

Back in 2011 I took The Art of Running to Tohoku, teaming up with Jamie of It’s not Just Mud and Dean of Intrepid Model Adventures to run a 30km map of Ishinomaki (full story here).

It was against this background that I was invited to appear on Kunimaru Japan on the Bunka Housou radio network. (Listening to it now makes me laugh – my habit of saying ‘ano’ because much worse when I’m a little nervous!). It was a lot of fun to do though – we’d had a meeting beforehand in which we’d discussed the contents of the interview so I could prepare to a certain extent. On the day itself I was in two minds as to whether or not I should wear the iRun or any part of it – and in the end opted for the helmet. I’m glad I did as it had quite an impact upon everyone in the studio, and really set the mood for the whole thing.

In the interview we discussed the Tokyo Marathon project, before going on to focus on the Ishinomaki run.

I’ve thrown in some photos and a little video footage from the marathon to illustrate the story.

Enjoy (if you understand Japanese).