I first met Peyman and Mohamed at TEDxTokyo 2011 – they’d sent us a mail out of the blue asking if they could attend. Whilst we receive a lot of these kinds of emails (and can only grant seats to a limited number of them) there was something about the mail from these emirate brothers that stood out. Curious, we invited them to join us.

TEDxTokyo 2011
Peyman and Mohamed with Garr Reynolds at TEDxTokyo 2011

About a year later Twinkle and I worked with them on producing a pilot episode of a social TV series, Peeta Planet, which at that time was without sponsors. Despite their lack of experience in producing TV shows, knowing what they had already achieved in Dubai and spending time around them, I had a funny feeling that they’d actually manage to realise their dream.

Fast forward to 2013 and that dream is now a reality. Their first series, now showing weekly on Dubai One, has taken them to Singapore, Istanbul, Dublin, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok.

It was whilst in Tokyo that they spent some time with TwinkleTame and I – first having a picnic under the cherry trees (hanami), and then carrying out a running art project in the shape of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building.

Peeta Planet Minisode: Joseph Tame (mashup of our run in Ginza)

Peeta Planet: Tokyo (full episode)

TEDxTokyo followers may recognise some of the music – by Open Reel Ensemble, who appeared at TEDxTokyo 2012.

Peeta Planet – Meet Joseph Tame

Google+ Hangout whilst running Ginza

For some reason I was unable to join this hangout.