Here’s what a 25-week-old unborn Tame child looks like – meet our son! He does actually already have a name but I am told by TwinkleTame that this is still strictly confidential and not to be shared on the interwebs. I can tell you though that it is a boy’s name and works well in both English and Japanese. And more importantly it’s a cute name that suits him.


These images – still shots taken from a DVD video we were given by the 4D scanning clinic we visited a couple of days ago – show him pretty much as he will be when he’s born in early October. He’ll have a little more flesh around the side of his cheeks, but all the important bits are already there. Including his willy, which he was only too happy to play with whilst the camera was on him, cheeky chap.


I was amazed by two things:
– how much he had come on since the last scan, one month ago
– the ultrasound machine, which produced these incredible images.

The doctor was fantastic, given us a full guided tour of our little fella over the course of a 20 minute consultation. He even translated some medical terms for me as he made his way around.

The other thing i noticed was just how much he looks like his mummy! He has mummy’s nose, mummy’s lips, and mummy’s ears.

Still, I think she is far better looking than me, so that’s OK.

He’s on a 6-minute sleep cycle at the moment (I hope that changes by the time he’s born…), and is pretty active both day and night, jumping around, prodding mummy. However, it seems I have a calming effect upon him (one would expect the opposite to be honest) – he soon quietens down when I lay my hand on mummy’s stomach. Now that’s something that I hope doesn’t change after he’s born.

Whilst I’m trying to prepare myself psychologically for the changes ahead, I am reassured by many friends who are already parents that no matter what I do I will still be totally unprepared when he pops out, and our lives will be turned completely upside down.

Can’t wait!

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