I’ve made good progress this past week in terms of figuring out what it is I need to be doing. I’m not rushing the process, but rather, allowing myself to remain in certain states of mind for a couple of days, subconsciously meditating on a particular idea, and then reflecting on how it makes me feel. It’s interesting how much of the process revolves around identifying what I don’t want to be doing. I’ve been through countless options since beginning this process now, but I’m not simply discarding anything that makes me feel uncomfortable, as I know that anything that’s truly worthwhile does tend to push you out of your comfort zone.

The key is for me to identify when something feels uncomfortable due to it being at odds with my fundamental beliefs and gut reaction, and when it feels uncomfortable due it being something I believe I could do very well, but feel nervous about taking on (but should take on).

I find it interesting how much I’m drawing on prior experience to guide me, and really appreciate the educational value of all that I’ve done up until now.

I think another week or two of this and I’ll have a much clearer idea of what I’m going to do. It’s is becoming clearer and I have actually started taking the first baby steps towards starting down a new path. As I’m not choosing any pre-existing (traditional) career path, I need to integrate a whole range of activities which whilst may seem superficial in isolation, together, over time will enable me to look after my family and allow me to to do what I love doing.

I’m going to need to do a fair amount of research into my chosen field. This will take time, but I believe in my capacity to learn and I’m willing to put in the time and energy to do that.

In other news:

We’re in a good space then.

10:30pm. Time for lights out!