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Time seems to have sped-up recently. Another week over – seems it was only yesterday that it was Monday. Perhaps that’s what happens when you make a conscious effort to make the most of each and every day.

It was an interesting week. I had another three meetings with friends and acquaintances to discuss the path ahead, all of which were very useful.

Made good progress with my next invention – I’ve been asked to appear on Bunka Housou (radio) again on Tuesday, and that’s providing me with a useful deadline by which to at least get the prototype finished. Whilst I appreciate that the listeners won’t be able to see the thing, the last time I gave an interview there I found that my physical appearance made a significant impact on the atmosphere, which was carried across the air waves.

I’m pleased that I was asked to do this interview – these kinds of media appearances are an important part of the roadmap as I currently see it, and this kind of interview makes for good practice. They also happen to be good people to work with.

Working with JP I’ve also made progress on the narrative that will accompany my next invention. I’m planning to make a series of short videos that graphically demonstrate its revolutionary features, clearly showing how it holds the key to the future of humankind. Perhaps.

For the first time ever I am using chicken wire, which is proving to be quite an incredible material. Even when you don’t have any chickens in the house.

I’ve also done a pretty good job on the exercise front, getting out for some decent milage on three separate occasions, totalling a little over 50km. All part of the next Art of Running piece. It has left me knackered and sore, but I tell myself these are good things to feel, and all is OK.

Being fit, incidentally, is another of the core features of Joseph Tame (that’s me) as I see him (i.e. as I feel I am at my core). That’s how i can prioritise it. It’s my job to be fit.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 8.43.41 PM
One activity that doesn’t fit in to the Joseph Tame framework is watching American TV dramas. A few weeks back I pressed the ‘enter’ button on our Apple TV remote 5 times, and hey presto! we had signed up to Hulu (billed through iTunes). There was a legitimate reason for this – Twinkle Tame is studying screen translation, and her school does a fair bit of work for Hulu.

However, signing up for Hulu means you’re also signing up for the ability to watch trashy American drama series, of which there are plenty on there. One of these – The Mentalist – purportedly had a good reputation, so we idly gave it a go.

3 episodes later …I found myself feeling somewhat headachy and done in, but wanting to watch more. This was not good.

The process was repeated yesterday after I got back from my run. Once again, it left me feeling somewhat dull, almost hungover. Later I looked back at the after-effects of these sessions and assessed how I had benefitted from them.

Had they taught me anything? No.
Had they allowed me to relax? No (I tend to get stressed on behalf of the characters).
Had they given me an opportunity to look at some situations in my own life from a different perspective? No.
Basically, it had been a complete waste of time. I would have been better off sleeping!

Thus the decision to not indulge any further in Hulu.

Well, maybe I’ll just watch one more episode of The Mentalist.

Anyways, I’d best stop here. Have some planning to do.