Been continuing to push ahead with the changes needed.

One thing that’s been on my mind is the need to exercise. I didn’t run at all in June, being ‘too busy’ for it. Well, that’s no excuse, it just needs to be prioritised. Thus this morning I was up at 5am, restarting my Gympact membership (you make a pact to exercise a certain number of times per week, and pay a penalty for any sessions that you miss (I set my penalty at $10 per session). However, if you complete your pact you receive a portion of the funds from all those gympact users around the world who didn’t stick to their program – genius!) – did a 7km lap of the imperial palace. Granny’s hip played up, but that’s not surprising given how long it’s been since it’s done anything but walk or rest.

Following that it was off to immigration, arriving just before they opened and ensuring I didn’t need to wait around to have my residency application processed. It’s now a case of waiting 6-12 months to be assessed. Fingers crossed.

This afternoon was spent on invoicing, end-of-year finances, a video edit and database updates (aka FUN!), followed by a shoot for a local client. Finished off the edit tonight, and am now leaving the mac to import and transcode data from multiple cameras, ready for another edit tomorrow.

In a way, aside from the important step of waking up extra early and restarting my exercise program, today was typical of the the kind of routine I’ve had day-in-day-out for the past year. The above description could be applied to almost any day, with the contents swapped around a bit and other tasks such as photo edits, website updates, and endless emails added to the list.

I always kidded myself that ‘if I just finish this batch of edits I’ll have time to think’ – but of course I never did, as before I knew it the next lot came in.

The choice is mine to discontinue this routine – whilst it may be necessary now and then, I will no longer perceive it as something that cannot be stopped.

And with that, I’m going to bed (at 9.45pm!)