Picture of the day – Boris got the shock of his life when he woke up and found he was a drain hole cover.

So, it was Sunday today. A good Sunday.

It began in a relaxed fashion – watching some movie trailers. I’ve recently started using our Apple TV, which until now has been sitting pretty much unused under our pretty-much unused TV, looking sexy. In addition to trailers, we have Hulu (the Japanese version, so limited in choice, but at least it has a whole series of BBC wildlife documentaries), radio (for background music), vimeo (for inspiration) and the settings app, providing the opportunity for many happy hours trying to enter extremely long wifi network passwords using the most frustrating and non-Applesque input menu.

Following that it was off to a local cafe for an extended meeting to further flesh out our plans for the years ahead. Very productive, with more parts fitting in to place.

Once home it was into the office to work on a couple of things for a client – redesign of a presentation, and further development of a FileMaker database I’ve been working on for some time. It’s coming on nicely.

Filtered throughout this was thoughts about the baby, and how he will impact our lives.

I’m not sure what it is, but I feel my attitude towards life, perhaps my interpretation of the meaning of life changing. I think it could be due to a combination of all these discussions I’ve been having with friends recently, our own decision to go back to square one (career-wise) should we need to, the upcoming arrival of our baby, and a number of news / magazine articles I’ve read lately (I found this one shared by my friend Roberto particularly interesting).

I have, for as long as I can remember, sought some greater meaning in what I do for work. I’ve never found it, and as a result of that I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied in my work. This has spilled over into life in general, and this search for meaning has at times left me feeling very frustrated.

It’s too early to call, but it seems that as I start to let go of these fixed notions of success (in business), and instead choose to just do what I enjoy doing, so the quest for a greater meaning is becoming irrelevant. I’m starting to feel that there never was that greater meaning that I sought, that actually, I just needed to find peace and meaning in whatever it was I was doing.

We’ll see where this thought / feeling process leads over the next few weeks and months, and how embarking upon a path that is closer to my heart affects my attitude towards life in general.

Night night.