Parenting Class

Yesterday, Twinkle and I waddled along to the hospital for a parenting class. I say waddled, as Twinkle isn’t allowed to walk. An examination a couple of weeks back showed that there’s a risk of premature delivery, and she needs to avoid any exercise that might encourage the little chappy to make an early entrance. If the situation worsens she’ll be hospitalised until October, which of course is something we want to avoid if possible, thus she is essentially under house arrest, but without police involvement.

Anyhow, back to the hospital, where we were treated to a lesson on the various stages of labour, hospital check-in procedures, guidance on creating a birthing plan, complications that can occur and how they’ll be dealt with – plus a tour of the maternity unit.

The highlight however was a superb performance by the staff of a typical birthing process, from the first contractions to the point after the delivery where the extended family can be invited in to meet the new addition. Our midwife played the role of the panicking husband trying his best (very funny!), with the other staff playing the roles of the short-tempered wife and the doctor.

The photo above was taken seconds after the birth (made somewhat more real by an elaborate costume), with the umbilical cord still attached to the placenta which was yet to be removed.

Another memorable part of the session was when the fathers were taught how to help their wives deal with early labour pains, by shoving their fists up their bottoms (not actually inside!); we were told that if we got tired we could actually use a tennis ball instead.

Overall I was reassured by the session; I now have a much clearer idea of what to expect when the time comes.

In other news: I completed the Anpanman running art project, and am continuing work on developing my new wearable computer.

…and continuing to work through my thoughts and feelings re. long term goals.

We’re getting there.