Tokyo Marathon Fever

The increase in disparity between the name of this blog and the frequency of posts I get out is testament to two things: Twitter is a lot more sustainable than blogging b) I’ve never been so busy before! When I returned to Japan from the UK back in mid-January, I found myself faced with a […]

My reflection…

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Our Winter Holiday in the UK and Spain

Getting out of familiar territory really does help. The past three weeks spent in the UK and Spain have enabled me to become partially detached from the frenetic life I have in Tokyo, to take a look at the overall shape of things, to reconsider where my attention should and shouldn’t be directed. More on […]

Pepe meets the Med

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Wye Valley New Year 10KM – new personal best for 10KM at 45m40s

Great start to the year – set a new record for a 10km course. Much more hilly than I expected, but really enjoyed it, very pleased with my result. Nice to run around the lanes in the area we lived when I was a child. Sent from my iPad4 Nano Posted via email from Joseph’s […]

Back on the other side of the world

I’m sitting on a comfy sofa in the front room of a typical terraced house in central London. Wooden floorboards, high ceiling, white walls, fireplace, bay window. Two big suitcases open on the floor next to a big inflatable mattress, chocolate digestives on the coffee table. We landed about 12 hours ago here in London […]

Holiday Savings Bank – Goal Reached!

Astonishing that these coins are collectively worth over £760 – about 40% more than the last time I went back to the UK. Time for a trip to the post office to get them changed, and then immigration to get my reentry permit. Departure for Europe only 18 days away! Posted via email from Joseph’s […]

Post Downpour

Had some glorious rain this morning – so heavy it woke me up with it’s knocking on the door – I thought it was a delivery man at first! Outside in Himonya Park the rain has harvested a wealth of leaves, making for a thick sodden carpet in parts. See the full gallery on posterous […]

Nikon D7000 – Photography in the Dark

See the full gallery on posterous For an enthusiast like me who until now has only used the cheapest digital SLRs, the Nikon D7000 opens up a whole new world of photography. Until now I’ve been limited to taking photos where there’s decent lighting …or putting up with a lot of noise and blur. Taking […]

Nikon D7000

It’s been three years since I bought my first Digital SLR camera. In the summer of 2007, just before my 9,000 mile trip by land from Japan to the UK, I invested in the Nikon D40x – an entry-level model that allowed me to get back to being creative with my photography, without breaking the […]

I love autumn leaves

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A Week in Tokyo – Tame Style

I’m just emerging from what has probably been one of the busiest weeks of the year so far. Whilst busy is good for a freelancer, it’s been a little *too* busy at times – but emerging from the other end I can now look back and appreciate it all! Monday I met with the communications […]


[[posterous-content:pid___1]]What do a middle school student, world champion juggler, social entrepreneur, Pulitzer Prize winner, car designer, skateboarder, world champion yo-yo artist and a jazz singer have in common?  They all presented at TEDxYouth@Tokyo! One of 61 TEDxYouthDay events happening around the world, TEDxYouth@Tokyo, held at Tokyo International School, was organised and run by a team of 11-18 year […]


What do a middle school student, world champion juggler, social entrepreneur, Pulitzer Prize winner, car designer, skateboarder, world champion yo-yo artist and a jazz singer have in common?  They all presented at TEDxYouth@Tokyo! One of 61 TEDxYouthDay events happening around the world, TEDxYouth@Tokyo, held at Tokyo International School, was organised and run by a team of 11-18 year […]

£19,000 for one hour’s work – application submitted!

Domino’s Pizza Japan are celebrating their 25th anniversary with an unusual recruitment drive: they’re looking for a single employee to work one hour sometime in December, for which they’ll be paid 2,500,000 (about £19,000). Naturally, I applied. What do you think of my resume? I thought it important to show a bit of imagination. I […]

Autumn Cherry

The cherry tree in front of our balcony is giving us a final show for the year, before shedding its leaves and looking sticky for the winter. Behind the tree you can see Himonya Park pond, and beyond that on the horizon, the broadcast tower that I think belongs to NTT. Posted via email from […]

Launch of

Over the next few months the number of running-related posts I’ll be writing is probably going to increase significantly. I appreciate that there probably aren’t many runners amongst The Daily Mumblers, so have decided to set up a new section of TGW dedicated to running. (or is a bilingual site that will track […]

The Art of Running: Meguro Elephant

In a bid to help me get through The Wall(s) encountered during long distance runs, I’ve decided to bring GPSart (otherwise known as Position Art) to the streets of Tokyo. My first creation is the 18.43km Meguro Elephant. With an average speed of 10.28km/h, it’s one of the faster breeds, yet consumes a staggering low […]

Clearly the developer of Visual Hub had a lot of experience encoding videos

Visual Hub, sadly no longer available, is one of the best tools not out there for quick and dirty video encoding. The UI has built in messages that demonstrate that the developer was a seasoned video encoder. This is one of my favourites, at the top of the Advanced Settings pane: “Don’t! You’ll screw it […]

Idea: Japan by Bicycle

One thing I’ve long wanted to do is tour Japan by bicycle. Whilst I’ve hardly left Tokyo since September 2008, I have in previous years traveled a fair bit – working on organic farms, hitchhiking here and there, getting out into local communities. A couple of  things that stick with me from those times are […]

Running: Tamagawa Ekiden Carnival

Yesterday I ran the final 5km leg of an Ekiden (relay race). Myself and My friends were just two teams amongst hundreds that ran the 23km course along the Tama river. The weather was perfect for running – blue skies, but not too hot. Looking at my stats on runkeeper, I could see that my […]

Doing a bit of discrete sewing

The Jeans Live On. Great nighttime activity. Highly recommended. Sent from my iPad4 Nano Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

New blog post on MIJ: Mobile Data Plans in Japan

It’s been a while since I contributed to Mobile in Japan, but I’ve made a comeback with a post that I hope is really useful for people coming to Japan for short-term visits. I’ve lost count of the number of times that people have asked me how they can get data access whilst here for […]

Dependence upon Ubiquitous Capture

I’m a big fan of GTD’s Ubiquitous Capture – dump everything in your head on paper (or in some kind of text doc or voice note), thus allowing yourself to focus on important stuff – no need to worry about remembering the little bits and bobs, more brain power available for deep thunkful thoughts. You […]

Half Marathon with Weights (almost)

Last night I took the next step with my training for the Tokyo Marathon 2011, by running with weights. If I’m going to carrying a computer during the full marathon I’m going to need to get accustomed to the weight, so last night I wore a rucksack with my iPad, bottle of water and other […]

Top 10 Essential iPad Apps

I’m not the kind of person to buy a lot of apps. I don’t browse the app store picking up random titles that look interesting, rather I go in there looking for a particular app that I’m familiar with having used the OSX version, or I’m looking for an app that a friend has recommended. […]

As it Happens

Off all the ‘as it happens’ videos / broadcasts I’ve seen up until now, this is definitely the most impressive. Wonderful photography, superb post-production – and they did all this off solar and battery power?! See more of this kind of stuff at As It Happens from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

Solar Powered Marathon Samurai

This was the scene last night at Tokyo Hackerspace as I was suited up in solar-powered armor. It’s the first time I’ve seen such large flexible solar panels. They may end up as a part of my Tokyo Marathon costume.

Freelance update

Really interesting time this. Since going freelance at the end of July, the amount and variety of work that’s come my way has steadily increased. It’s still manageable, although I am essentially working 7 days a week at present. I do take some time off, although it doesn’t tend to be whole days. This last […]

Cunning Caterpillar

I was in for a shock during my regular garden inspection this morning – my precious broccoli seedlings had been ravaged!  It didn’t take long for me to deduce who was responsible for this outrage – he was still on the scene, clamped tight to the stem, munching away on the remains of the leaf. […]

Zombies rise from the asphalt in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park

A few weeks back I was introduced by friend & entrepreneur Dave Mori to his wife Andrea – she was organising Thrill the World Tokyo – would I be interested in live-streaming it? Knowing that I had far too much on already, I said yes, and on Saturday night following a meeting with the organiser […]

I like to make the most of my Evernote account

How about this for expert data management – 1 day to go in this Premium account cycle, and only 0.6mb of my allowance left. It’s a bit tragic when one gets so much pleasure from this kind of thing. But I like being tragic when it involves elephants. Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Getting an iPad

It’s been about three weeks now since I started using the iPad. It’s not the first time I’ve used one of course – with friends like @SteveNagata I was guaranteed to be one of the first few people in the country to try one out (which I was). I must admit, before I got one, […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 – Live streaming gear development

Now that my place in next year’s Tokyo Marathon has been confirmed, it’s time to start planning the specialist headgear I shall use to ensure that the many people who haven’t been selected to run are able to do so virtually, courtesy of a number of cameras and sensors that I shall carry. I created […]

Alcoholic Apps

You’ve gotta cover your back against everything these days. This is one of the messages you’ll get when installing the augmented reality directory app AcrossAir on your iPhone. Why? AcrossAir contains information on, amongst other things, bars, restaurants and shops that may sell alcohol. Personally I think they (or Apple’s lawyers) are taking this whole […]

Tokyo Marathon 2011 – Lottery results

As I posted on my microblog yesterday, I’m on of the lucky 1-in-9.2 applicants that were selected by lottery to run the Tokyo Marathon 2011. Over 294,000 people applied for the full 42.5km race, with only 32,000 able to run. Unfortunately, unlike last year, the majority of my friends were not selected – I only […]

Google Goggles: makes me feel I am living in the future

I’ve lost count of the number of times this year I’ve been blown away by some new form of technology. There’s been the iPhone, the iPad, the Love+ app for iPad & iPhone. It happened again tonight: I’m watching a DVD with a friend. It’s set in England. There’s a scene filmed in the grounds […]

Mobile Phone Addiction

Whilst I can’t see myself actually getting a Windows phone, I can identify with their new ad campaign.

Pineapple growth update パイナップルの成長

Really delighted by the rate of growth we’ve seen with the pineapple this summer, especially after such a disastrous winter. On the right you can see what was the main plant, with the hardened brown stem that held the fruit still sticking up. On the left you have this year’s growth. The soil level gas […]

Banana-cherry shake

Been making banana milkshakes quite a bit lately. This morning I’ve been extremely daring and added some cherries. Tastes good 🙂 Sent from my iPad4 Nano Posted via email from Joseph’s posterous

Training Routine

This morning I met up with Tom, friend and trainer with whom I ran the Tokyo Marathon. It’s the first time in months that we’ve done a Sunday-morning run, but perfect timing for the start of a 5 month training program leading up to next February’s Marathon (which I hope we’ll get into – the […]


Finally, the intense heat and humidity of summer has passed, being replaced by the coolness of Autumn. Autumn in Japan really lovely. Perfect temperatures to enjoy the outdoors, clear skies, beautiful birdsong in the morning (as opposed to the raucous cries of that bird, the name of which I forget, whose squawks are extremely noisy […]