Japanese Maples

Nature never ceases to amaze. Autumn may come every year, but every year I can be found in a hypnotic daze staring at the beauty that it brings.

The end of the Livestreaming in Beta era – Marathon update

(Momiji montage created by the iPhone) The release of the uStream live video broadcasting app for the iPhone (followed by Qik’s own version for non-jailbroken phones) has me me to rethink my plans for the Tokyo marathon 2010, as Mumbled about here. The thing is, now that everyone has the ability to stream live video […]

The line between work and personal life in an online world

The more involved I get with my work over at White Rabbit Press, the more I find myself wondering where the line should be drawn between my online-work and my (non-work) online-life. Being responsible for marketing means that of course, I’m doing a lot online for the company. My goal is to spread the word […]

Quick update

I like this video. Life has changed a fair bit since I last posted. As many of you know, the change revolves around my work-life – I’ve left The Japanese Company and joined White Rabbit Press. It’s a joy to work for a company that operates based on common sense and trust, a company that […]

Media Tectonics WordPress Website Workshop – Sun 6th December

On Sunday December 6th from 2pm to 5pm I’ll be running a WordPress workshop for complete novices “From idea to online in three hours”. It’s aimed at those who have no prior experience of creating or maintaining a website. It’s being organised as a part of a series of workshops by Media Tectonics (Cindy Mullins […]

New personal distance record: South Tokyo half-marathon

Tom and I continued our training for the Tokyo Marathon 2010 this morning with our longest run yet – 22.5km around the south of Tokyo. It was great fun, as we weren’t following any prescribed route, rather, just left Naka-Meguro at 7.30am and headed in the general direction of Rainbow Bridge, taking any road which […]

Like father Like son

Some people wonder where I get the inspiration from to dress up as a woman… Meet my father a.k.a. ‘Honey Bun’. This was his costume for a recent charity fundraiser he took part in!

A Lesson from you: Everything will work out for the best

My recent discovery of a forgotten email account attached to this website has given me the opportunity to travel through time through the lives of visitors to my website. I’ve recorded a brief personal podcast to share the story with you. You can listen below or direct on AudioBoo. Most respondents have been very forgiving. […]

Autumn in Himonya Park

A few photos I’ve just taken in the park outside the house. Despite it being Autumn, this is actually Sakura (cherry blosssom). The tree is called ‘October Sakura’, and it flowers twice a year (as explained on the sign below) Hometime And, complete change of subject: I wrote this is the air by waving my […]

1 week until a change of occupation

Howdy punks. I headed on down to the Make: Tokyo Meeting 04 yesterday, held at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It’s a kind of interactive DIY tech fare. I shot a short video (embedded below) – and wrote a little more about it (with links) over at www.japantechshow.com. The frog above was one of a collection […]

My new job

[This entry was first published briefly 1 week ago. I chose to take it down for personal reasons, but can now put it back up] Let’s have a picture of the moon as seen from our balcony – pre-water discovery. So, as I mentioned in a post a few days back, I’m moving on from […]

The making of Japan Podshow

Hello there. Joseph here. In a cafe in Shibuya, opposite Sakuraya and that bright pink real estate agent on Center-gai. I have an hour to spare before meeting *Twinkle*, so thought I’d pen a few notes on all the stuff that’s been going on. In this blog I’ll be talking about podcasting. First off then, […]

Big changes part 1

Hello. It’s been a while. With so much going on I’ve not been able to devote any time to blogging round here of late, although I am posting fairly regular audio diaries now in my podcast feed – you can listen to it without leaving the Mumble just by clicking on the play buttons in […]

Filming at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

Quite a memorable day today. *Twinkle* and George *Twinkle* and I For our final episode of this series of Japan Podshow we knew we had to do something pretty special. We wanted to celebrate. Celebrate in Style. A mysterious chain of events led us to the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, located on floors 45-up in the Tokyo […]

Tokyo Marathon 2010 – The Big Plan

Some of you *may* recall that in the spring of 2009 I ran the Tokyo Quarter Marathon with an iPhone strapped to my head, which broadcast live video throughout the race. It also enabled viewers (of whom there were about 1000) to support me by sending comments which made the phone vibrate upon delivery. On […]

iPhone apps, Study, and Japanese TV

Ahh, what a cute Yamanote train. Taken and (poorly) tilt-shifted on the iPhone. Been a good day today. Finally updated www.iphoningjapan.com with a re-write of the Tokyo Metro app, now includes my take on using the Augmented Reality function. It’s very cool. For those of you who don’t know what augmented reality is – it’s […]

A week of important decisions and output

There is something about the corner of this 50-storey building that thrills me. It’s so sharp. So determined to cut through the air. So confident. You can’t help but admire an attitude like that. It’s the corner of a building bordering Hamarikyu Gardens, photos of which you’ll find below. But before we get into that, […]

Cabbages, containers and doggy-do

* I just posted my interview with Rob and Matt of myGengo.com over at Making it in Japan. Anyone interested in translation should check it out – they have some great new services on the way – and if you have the skills required (but are lacking in qualifications / years of experience that many […]

The Ballad of Vicki and Jake

The other night I met documentary maker Ian Thomas Ash. He’s a nice guy, with some interesting stories, and an award winning documentary under his belt – filmed in St Pauls, Bristol,  just down the road from where I lived in 2003-2004. The Ballad of Vicki and Jake is being shown at Nakano Zero Hall […]

Just Focus on the Penguin

Just Focus on the Penguin, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. Taken when pepe visited the world’s largest freshwater lake, Baikal

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo project: Suta-to!

Today was a very good day. It started off as most Monday’s do – volunteer work at city hall. I went extra early today, in order to finish early and meet George an hour before our lunchtime appointment at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo re. Japan Podshow – George and I deserve a break at the end […]

Namaste India Festival 2009, Yoyogi Park Tokyo

After listening to Alex Brooke’s podcast recorded during Day 1 of the Namaste Indian festival 2009 in Yoyogi Park, I decided to head on down there for day 2. Here’s a short video of some of the dances, and a few shots I took of the dancing on stage. Apologies for the movement of the […]

The perils of being a techaholic

I’m at the most dangerous shop in Tokyo – Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Why is it so dangerous? Well, it’s one of Japan’s biggest electronic’s stores, and once you enter through it’s sliding doors you will be bombarded by so many sexy gadgets that it will be impossible to resist buying something, and before you […]

Out all hours

Out all hours, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. A couple of days back Danny blogged about leaving bags on chairs in restaurants to save a table whilst going to order. That reminded me of the practice of local plant shops, where they leave half of their stock outside every night, just protected by a net. […]

Peace One Day

This is the most incredible story. It is the story of how one man has achieved something absolutely remarkable. It is a story that proves that if you have a good idea, believe in it strongly enough, refuse to listen to the sceptics, and put in massive effort, you can change the world. Meet documentary […]


To describe this photo, here’s the text from my post for Dannychoo.com uploaded earlier today: *Twinkle* and I are having a lazy day today, the fourth day of the Silver Week holiday. We’ve come out to Jiyugaoka, just a couple of stops down the line from our station, and 10 mins from Shibuya on the […]

The Grand Sumo Tournament

Today, myself and a couple of friends from Sheffield Uni +1, headed on down to the Grand Sumo Hall in Ryougoku, on the JR Sobu line just east of Akihabara.It’s day 9 of one of the six annual Grand Sumo Tournaments held throughout Japan. It’s the first time I’ve been to see a sumo tournament. […]

Ye ancienty house

Ye ancienty house, originally uploaded by Joseph Tame. This is a test post – we’re seeing if Flickr can publish straight to my blog, The Daily Mumble. [Edit] And the result? It can. I just email my photo and description to Flickr (from my iPhone when out and about), which then in turn posts it […]

Tokyo live blogging on dannychoo.com

Wow, what a week! It’s been pretty crazy, with, until yesterday morning, virtually no downtime and little sleep. I tell you, if you ever think of making a podcast, make sure you have lots of marmite in the house or vitamin B supplements! But before I talk about that (or the elephant wearing the iPod, […]

Audioboo – a fun-packed day in Tokyo

Been a great day today. You can hear all about it in the Audioboo embedded below, but I just wanted to share this photo, taken whilst I was interviewing our special guest musician on Japan Podshow earlier today, Nobuki Ueda. I’m a lot less stressed now. Not entirely sure why, but one reason might be […]

The lack of good grammar in speech

Thanks to years of mind-bending grammar study, many Japanese students of English have pretty good grammar knowledge. Well, perhaps that’s not quite correct. Perhaps I should say that many Japanese students of English can only understand things if you explain it to them in (Japanese) grammatical terms (“Verb + noun” etc). One thing I often […]

Fading summer

One thing that’s concerned me of late is my general stress levels. It’s an interesting kind of stress though – a kind that doesn’t really stress me out, that is, I don’t have a general feeling of ‘being stressed’. Thinking on why this might be, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because it tends […]

An interview and a Brain Machine

Whew… very long day today. Still, very productive. Had a great meeting with Kong of the Metpod, talking about where it could go from here. Interesting ideas for collaboration once japanpodshow is done. Look out for changes in the autumn. Also published not one but TWO podcasts tonight – the first is an audio interview […]

Video: Koenji Awaodori 2009

Hello! been a great day today. Very productive. Voluntary work this morning at the city hall, editing a video I shot yesterday at Tokyo Hacker Space this afternoon, then edited almost an entire episode of Making it in Japan on the Hibiya subway line before meeting Christine and Steve (both of whom have appeared in […]

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity

Yikes. 1.34am again. It was yesterday too. I’ve been wanting to write for a few days now, but, well, it’s not going to happen, I mean, not in the way that i would like. So rather than it not happen at all it’ll happen like this. It’s turned out that Pepe (pictured above) is heavily […]

Another World: Krakor, the Cambodian Floating Village

You may remember back in April I attended a charity gala event at the Tokyo Hilton in aid of Hope Japan, a non-governmental aid agency that works to provide safe drinking water to families in third world countries. At the time I said Whilst geekery is fun, sometimes I do wonder what the point to […]

Another week in the life of Joseph Tame

Yes indeed. The world’s first Moled space flight. Captured on the Hibiya subway line. So, it’s been a pretty full-on week this week. The day job has been hectic as we’ve had a lot of new contracts starting, and I’ll be out of the office most of next week teaching at a major electronics manufacturer. […]

Japan Podshow Episode 9: Promo video

Whew. Did it. Here’s a little promo video using some random footage from the day we recorded it: The editing process has been quite epic in it’s dramaticness. But overall, making this has been a lot of fun. Remember – it aint over till the fat rooster calls. Although in this episode I cut off […]

Shinjuku’s Cocoon building, and speaking Japanese

This is my favourite building in Tokyo at the moment. It’s the IMode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, winner of the prestigious ‘Skyscraper of the Year Award 2008’. I wonder if it attended the awards ceremony or just sent a video message explaining it was a bit tied up that night. On Saturday George and I recorded […]

There’s bean some progress

I’ve been enjoying drawing lately. It started out when I tried to create some original art to illustrate episodes of Japan Podshow. As the series has progressed so I’ve spent a little more time on the pictures. It was inevitable in a way that I would find myself drawing elephants again – something I’ve done […]

Uchimizu in Akiba and Eclipse-climb summary

I’m reposting my last two contributions for the Metpod, as I know most mumblers don’t listen to it what with it being made for people living in Tokyo and all. We’ll start with my most recent contribution, talking about the Uchimizu performance that went on last weekend in Akiba (to play it without leaving this […]

The making of: Behind the Curtain at the Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo

So finally, today, we released our Cirque du Soleil video special, filmed a few weeks back at their theatre here in Tokyo. Filming was a lot of fun. Being taken backstage and hearing the stories behind the show was a real treat, as was trying on the costumes and trying out our own routine of […]

Tokyo Photo-Jog: early morning Meguro and Setagaya

I was up at 6am again today. After checking my emails, Twitter and Facebook, I spent about 4 minutes searching for the shorts that I was already wearing, then headed out onto the streets of Tokyo. I remember someone in an interview being asked what part of Tokyo was their favourite. Their answer: “That early […]

Pen and Pencil

It’s just before 7am on a Saturday. I’ve been woken up by my internal body clock, which is currently collaborating with the army of cicadas that live all around us to ensure that I’m up early every morning. It’s been a bit of a tough week. Whilst my holiday preparation at work prior to my […]

Photos of the solar eclipse taken on Mount Fuji

(This is a repost of what I’ve just posted on Japan Podshow but should interest Mumbler’s too!) Just a very brief update to bring you a couple of photos of the solar eclipse as seen from Mount Fuji. The full adventure story will be included in the next episode of Japan Podshow [iTunes] [RSS] – […]

Japan Podshow – Climbing Mount Fuji Pre-departure special

As you probably gathered from the title of this post, this is a re-post from the Japan Podshow blog. I’m now in the process of charging batteries, getting plasters together, and trying not to think about the torrential rain that is forecast! With us luck! In this special short (relaxed) episode of Japan Podshow (which […]

Boat trip around Tokyo bay and Gundam’s bum

If you follow other Japan blogs you’ll be only too aware that there is a life-size Gundam in Odaiba. It’s part of a ‘Green Festival’ in a lovely little park on one of the manmade islands down there. A green park that is now packed with people – and somewhat brown. One way to see […]

Tokyo Photo Run: Setagaya

This morning I did my second random photo-run, this time heading north of home. As with my last run, I stopped along the way to take photos – many at a Buddhist shrine. You can view this trip in 3D, with embedded photos, by opening this file in Google Earth. This is very cool! Photo […]

Running again

Got off to a great start today, up at 6am and out on the road. For my early morning runs I’ve decided to just run wherever I want, without planning beforehand, and try and go places I’ve never been before. With the compass-enabled Google map on my iPhone it’s pretty difficult to get lost now. […]

Sorry, sex toys, Fuji, fingers, and good habits

Photo: The pigeon which is a frequent visitor to my bird feeders A big SORRY …to all of those of you who are subscribed to my rss feed …feeds2.feedburner.com/dailymumble and just got spammed by a duck pond. I don’t know what’s happened there, but I’m working on fixing it. You might want to try resubscribing […]

Conquering Mt. Fuji to view the Solar Eclipse – Intro Video

On the evening of the 21st July, I and several of my intrepid friends will set out on a gruelling trek up the vast slopes of Mt. Fuji, the legendary volcano that gave birth to the first Samurai. Once at the top, we will witness the sun rise, and then, 5 hours later in a […]

The living onigiri

_onigiri_joseph552 Originally uploaded by Joseph Tame Joseph the riceball. I’m just using this picture to test Flickr’s ability to publish direct to my blog.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 4

In the fourth of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I talked about the new augmented reality phone application from AU (via Asiajin.com) I also talked about the mini-eggshell cracker Walter and flexible transistors courtesy of DigInfoNews on Youtube. Subscribe to The Daily Mumble podcast in iTunes here.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 3

In the third of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I talked about the new W-Series walkman from Sony. I also talked about the incredible Pomegranate phone/camera/pda/coffee maker/shaver. Subscribe in iTunes here.

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 2

In the second of my Akiba updates for Metropolis Magazine‘s Podcast, the Metpod I featured an extract from my interview with Patrick Galbraith (author of the Otaku Encyclopedia) that featured on Japan Podshow episode 6. I also talked about the new iPhone 3G 3.0 software (when I wasn’t planning on upgrading to the 3GS!) Subscribe […]

Metropolis Podcast Akiba Update – Week 1

I remembered tonight that I’d registered The Daily Mumble in iTunes – meaning it easier to subscribe to it as a podcast. It’s an experiment. As you know, I’m doing weekly technology / Akiba sections for the Metropolis Magazine Podcast – the Metpod, but I know that some people are not big fans of podcasts […]

Japan Podshow Episode 7 – Wwoof Wwoof! The iPhone Giveaway

This is a re-post originally published on www.japanpodshow.com Episode 7 sees the launch of the Japan Podshow iPhone 3G competition – win yourself an iPhone and feel that your life is complete. More on that below. Listen to the show here 40mb, 43 mins, MP3 Download it direct here, Subscribe and listen in iTunes or […]

Stormtrooper meets Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son

Last night there was a meeting of two giants: Danny Choo, King of Otaku Stormtroopers, and Masayoshi Son, Softbank CEO and the richest man in Japan. Son was speaking at the official launch party of the iPhone 3GS in Japan on 26th June 2009, in Ometesando. In the video, Mr. Son is seen talking about […]

Japan Podshow Episode 6 – Otaku Attack!

(This is a repost of an update I’ve just made to www.pokya.jp/japanpodshow) In episode 6 of Japan Podshow, George and Joseph, prevented from leaving the house by the start of the rainy season, come to you live from the kitchen table. Listen to the show here 34mb, 33 mins, MP3 Download it direct here, Subscribe […]

End of week thinkings

(Today’s photo was taken on our trip to Yamaki Organic Soy farm last month) Morning. You find me on the train to work. It’s a Saturday. About 8am. Not too crowded. I got a seat. It’s 30 minutes to my stop from here, no changes. It’s been a challenging week. It started with my working […]

Video: Dancing Bean

A short experiment created for The Daily Mumble and my own interest: I was given a bean by *Twinkle* last week. I’ve been amazed by the speed with which it’s grown. Anyway, yesterday I decided to film it as I worked and listened to some nice music …and to my amazement, the following happened! Perhaps […]

Interviewing Arudou Debito

Arudou Debito by Alfie Goodrich. Special thanks to Alfie for taking this photo – for more of his work visit www.alfiegoodrich.com Earlier today I finally managed to post my interview with Arudou Debito, recorded a week or so ago at the Foreign Correspondents Club Japan. It was a lot of work, but well worth it […]

Launch of The Daily Mumble Podcast

With so little time to blog, The Daily Mumble has suffered. Recent weeks have seen little original content – just repostings of content I’m producing for other outlets. Tonight I was thinking what a shame this was, as I do enjoy writing The Daily Mumble. When do I have regular downtime in which I can […]

Japan Podshow Episode 5: Killer Karaoke

Hhmm, I completely forgot to add Episode 5 of the podcast to The Daily Mumble at the weekend. Silly me. For those of you who hadn’t realised, I’m now using The Daily Mumble as a kind of central library featuring all of my online content. Stuff from Japan Podshow, misc videos, blogs etc Apologies to […]

Video: Joseph and *Twinkle*s trip to Yamaki Jouzo

In our first video podcast collaboration, *Twinkle* and I take you to Yamaki Jouzo, an organic farm located about 2.5 hours from Tokyo in Kamikawa-cho, Saitama (accessible by train to JR Honjo and then bus) [Google Map]. This video was originally going to be a Japan Podshow episode, but in the end we were unable […]

Video: Amazing DIY Rapid Hair Grower

Japan is always ahead of the game when it comes to hair care. With more hair per square kilometre than over 76% of the earth’s surface, Japan takes it’s hair seriously, thus, when hair-loss situations arise, a whole variety of techniques have been developed to combat it. Here’s one I tried last night – as […]

Harvesting my pineapple …and other stuff

In this video I mentioned my interview with Honor and Shane’s about Japan Discovered, and my participation in Japan Tech Talk. You gotta love the thumbnail image representing this video! Not much I can do about that!

Video: Watch and Tie embedded with spy cameras

[This is a cross-post from www.pokya.com/JapanPodshow] In the first in a short series of videos focusing on Akihabara, Steve Nagata (an Akiba Pro) shows Joseph a small shop specialising in cool little USB devices. It’s in here that they come across the ultimate tools for spying on baddies – watches and ties with embedded video […]

Friday night

Recently there’s been times when 140 characters just hasn’t been enough, but I know when I get home I won’t be able to justify making time to blog. So a few minutes ago whilst riding the yamanote line from near shinbashi to Shibuya, I decided to reinstall the WordPress blog app on my iPhone. And […]

Snapshot from Tokyo

Hello stranger. No, I’m not giving up the mumble. Just a bit too busy living life to write about it. In the past, after a few days of not writing I would find myself with a burning desire to share stuff – but with the arrival of Twitter, and now all these other creative projects […]

Japan Podshow: Kanda Matsuri – musings of a producer

Video: Kanda Matsuri Wow. Second podcast out in 24 hours. I really like this episode, even if I do say so myself. It’s the traditional Japanese music that does it for me, recorded live at the Kanda Matsuri, a huge street festival that takes place once every two years. We hadn’t actually planned to record […]

My week in Tokyo

Wow. What a day. What a weekend. What a week. In brief: 3-day email exchange with NHK-related TV producer . Very helpful. Pointed out what I need to work on to make it happen. The Susan Boyle video served its purpose. Taught English cooking lesson (and got paid for it!) Accidentally deleted Japan Podshow website […]

Video blog: Edogawa Ekiden (relay race) and more

It’s been a looong day. In the morning I joined Tom, Nami and Phil to run the Edogawa Ekiden (relay race). Things didn’t quite work out as planned for us personally, so I thought instead of focusing on our story I’d share with you some footage of the various characters we met throughout the event. […]

Video: Japan is not all skyscrapers and concrete

Yesterday, I made a trip to see my friends and Mrs. Bibi in the hills of Saitama, a couple of hours by public transport from where we live in central Tokyo. Getting off the bus at the end of what had been quite an exciting journey there (I finished editing a video on the train […]

Japan Podshow 3: The Hiragana Hostess

I’m delighted to announce that episode 3 of Japan Podshow is finally out – 36 hours late. A lot of it was recorded on a row boat on the pond in front of the Himonya Studio. Click here to listen. Whilst a hell of a lot of work, this was a really fun one to […]

Susan Boyle gives me a break

In news that I’m sure will disappoint at least one Mumbler out there, my Susan Boyle Video has given me my first big(ish) break. This evening I met with the producer of a very well-known podcast, a podcast which sees thousands of downloads every week. It’s a podcast I listen to and enjoy, and a […]

Photos: our house and ‘garden’ in Tokyo

I’ve lived in a lot of houses in Tokyo, and I must say, most of them have been absolute dumps. They’ve been a combination of small, smelly, dingy, and totally lacking in a view. I still remember the classic view I had from my bedroom window in Asagaya – it was of the next building, […]

Tokyo CGM Night Volume 4

Last night saw the fourth installment of Tokyo CGM Night, a night hosted by Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth to celebrate Japan’s Consumer Generated Media producers. It’s a chance for Japan’s top bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters to gather and talk about past achievements, and make plans for future collaborations. This was my second CGM, and […]

Video Exclusive: Susan Boyle sings live on a Tokyo commuter train

Having bought the most amazing computer in the whole world ever, I realised I needed to push myself beyond the confines of email and random web surfing, and into production, in order to justify the financial outlay. This happened to coincide with that gala event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which I was seated on […]

Two podcasts down, 1 video to go

It’s been a pretty productive day today. As you can see from my new lifestream (www.josephtame.com – how about that, my entire life reduced to a single rss feed!), I’ve been pretty busy. This morning I picked up a pretty decent camcorder from someone in Shimbashi – that was offered to me for free after […]

Japan Podshow episode 2: The Jenga Maid – out now

Blimey, I nearly forgot to post here that episode two of Japan Podshow is now out! Initial feedback from our growing audience has been very positive – and it’s shorter than episode 1! I’m very grateful to everyone who has taken part in the podshow so far – it’s very much appreciated. Check it out […]

Hope at the Hilton

Last night I was very fortunate to be able to attend the 10th annual charity gala event in aid of Hope Japan, a non-governmental aid agency that works to provide safe drinking water to families in third world countries. It was held at the Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku – part of Hope at the Hilton […]

Mumble update – video style

With little time to give over to blogging, I decided to do a video blog instead. Online TV Shows by Ustream The video I start watching during this video is here There’s a second video featuring yours truly here Japan Podshow can be found at http://www.pokya.jp/japanpodshow. I’m on Flickr at www.flickr.com/tamegoeswild and on Twitter at […]

Japan Podshow Episode 1 now live!

I’m happy to be able to say, we did it! [click here for proof] I’ve been wanting to restart podcasting ever since I stopped about two years ago, but due to the amount of effort that has to be put in, it’s always been pushed back to the ‘I don’t have time’ burner. It must […]

Being more than just a (very well-trained) monkey

Sometimes I feel almost overwhelmed by the number and variety of possibilities that are open to me (and to anyone) here in Tokyo (read ‘on planet Earth’). Having made a decision a couple of months back to reach out into the community and connect with others, I have been almost dumbstruck by the things I […]