1 week until a change of occupation

Frog in a BottleHowdy punks.

I headed on down to the Make: Tokyo Meeting 04 yesterday, held at Tokyo Institute of Technology. It’s a kind of interactive DIY tech fare. I shot a short video (embedded below) – and wrote a little more about it (with links) over at www.japantechshow.com. The frog above was one of a collection that seemed immensely popular with other visitors. Quite why you’d want a frog’s corpse on your mantlepiece I don’t know.

So, as per my previous post, we’re in the midst of change here. I have 5 days left with my current employer, much of which will be spent training those who are going to take over my job, making video tutorials and text guides to what I’ve been doing.

I’m very much looking forward to changing my daily routine, and joining White Rabbit Press. I still can’t quite get over just how well it all seems to be working out.

It will be good to have meaning restored to what I devote a third of my weekday hours to. Whilst the lack of meaning in recent months hasn’t exactly led me to depression, it has left me feeling considerably frustrated and unfulfilled. I need a challenge, and whilst my previous job was challenging, the challenges were not the sort of thing that led to greater skill acquisition etc!

Speaking of challenges, Tom and I ran our first 19km Tokyo Marathon training run yesterday. It wasn’t too bad, although Granny’s hip syndrome did kick in at the end. Today I’m in a bit of pain, but nothing too bad.

We have about 12 weeks to go.

Life with *Twinkle* is wonderful. I feel so fortunate.

Anyways, I have a couple of podcasts I’d like to finish off today, so I’ll leave it here for now.

Here’s that video from Make fair.


An interview and a Brain Machine

Whew… very long day today.

Still, very productive. Had a great meeting with Kong of the Metpod, talking about where it could go from here. Interesting ideas for collaboration once japanpodshow is done. Look out for changes in the autumn.

Also published not one but TWO podcasts tonight – the first is an audio interview with Mike Sheetal of the incredibly innovative design agency UltraSuperNew Inc (based in Shibuya).

Check it out over at Making it in Japan. It’s a good interview – hear about some very original marketing campaigns carried out for the likes of Red Bull, Audi and Panasonic. Also, Mike has advice for others wanting to set up in Japan.

The second is the video I shot at Tokyo Hacker Space’s first Open House event on Sunday, uploaded to the neglected Japan Tech Show. The video looks much better in High Definition on our Facebook page or on YouTube.

That brain machine was pretty crazy. I can hardly believe just those two LEDs caused me to see all those patterns etc.

Really enjoying learning video editing. Have a way to go!

Ok, off to bed for me.


Two podcasts down, 1 video to go

Japan TechshowIt’s been a pretty productive day today. As you can see from my new lifestream (www.josephtame.com – how about that, my entire life reduced to a single rss feed!), I’ve been pretty busy.

This morning I picked up a pretty decent camcorder from someone in Shimbashi – that was offered to me for free after I put out a request on Tokyo Freecycle. The tape bit is a bit dodgy but I’ll mainly be using it linked up to my macbook pro. Thank you Greg for that.

I did some washing, finally managed to buy some bird food after weeks of trying, got my hair cut, and got the first two episodes of my second new podcast series, www.japantechshow.com, out of the door. I created this podcast in response to complaints that there was too much tech in Japan Podshow.

Episode one features an interview I did with @karamoon, log-time mumbler and organiser of Tokyo Barcamp 2009, which is shaping up to be an amazing event. I’ve been really inspired by how he has pulled it together in such a short space of time.

Episode two is the full version of the short interview we featured in episode two of www,japanpodshow.com. In this longer interview, Nick talks about the history of Japansoc.com and japansoc.org, and gives a hint as to where future growth may come from.

Tonight I must get this video I have lying around done. It has to be done today or it will become irrelevant, and I put so much effort into filming it it would be a complete waste!

On with the show!

P.s. want to see an idiot shouting into his mic in Shibuya? Check out this video shot last week at Hachiko.

Listen to Japan Techshow:

Listen to Japan Podshow: