My sister Jessie (left) and I, age: quite young Personally, I’m yet to feel the effects of the global economic slowdown. I’ve not been made redundant, my salary has not been cut, overtime is still allowed. But I can feel it’s just around the corner. Local redundancies are being announced on a daily basis, and […]

Mumbai, my job, and babymaking

I don’t think I could ever get bored with life. There’s just too much going on. For a start, there’s events in the news. I don’t follow the news religiously, but I have recently subscribed to the Guardian feed on my iPhone – I scroll through the headlines on my way home to keep abreast […]

Joseph’s got a job

The days of unemployment are soon to come to an end. This morning I was the grateful recipient of a job offer from a man who, six years ago said, “If we were truly scraping the bottom of the barrel, we would probably hire [Joseph] again, but we would all have to be delusional to […]

My first few days in Japan – a quick update

So much to write about, so little time. It’s all good. Last week I sent off an email to a training company that a friend of mine works for (it was actually wanting to work for them that promoted me to take the CELTA course). Today I had an interview, and I believe I’ll be […]