Sophie Mei in the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent

Shout out to all those TV owners resident in the UK: On Monday night at 9pm on ITV1, Sophie Mei, daughter of a good friend of mine here in Sheffield, will be one of 8 performers in the first live semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent. She’s made it through to the final 40 – out […]

Tech Talk: the power of feeds (and an IC video)

The CILASS tech group had a really interesting meeting today. Started out with planning for Friday’s technology session that we’ll be filming for upload to the website, then went on to discuss the recent developments in web platforms / streaming services etc. I find this kind of thing very exciting as I see enormous potential in it. […]

Japan swoons as Joseph makes his national TV debut

The first grainy images are coming through following Joseph Tame’s debut on national Japanese TV. In a deliberate ploy by Fuji TV producers, his grand entry was saved for the dramatic climax, only 6 minutes before the ending of the 2-hour drama. Statistics released shortly after the prime-time airing of ‘Bizan’ showed that 97% of […]

National TV debut (Japan): Friday 4th April 2008, Channel 8

Lush Brief note to say that I’ll be on Fuji TV tomorrow night, for my national Japanese TV debut. Channel 8, 9pm to 11pm. I play “stereotypical western tourist” in the drama “BIZAN”(眉山) (more info here). You should see me alongside Tokiwa Takako as she goes on a Hato Bus tour of Tokyo. Watch out […]

Last entry from Tokyo

Well folks, this is it. *Twinkle* and I moved out of Viva Kami Itabashi this afternoon, after about 15 hours of packing and cleaning. I was shocked by how much stuff we have acquired over the past year, although I’m happy to say that there’s very little in the way of junk. We bought quite […]