If I carry on like this I am not going to get the grade I want, so, inspired by JimJamJenny, tonight I am making the decision to impose some harsh rules on how I spend my time – phase one begins now, and finishes next Sunday, when the situation will be reviewed. The plan involves […]

On me bike / photography

I went for my weekly trip to the Peak District this morning. I still can’t quite believe how close it is – it took me just twenty minutes on my bicycle to get back home from the reservoirs today. Having bought a map of the Peak District 4 years back (and then never used it) […]

A new partner

It’s bye-bye Google, and hello Amazon as TGW’s preferred partner. It seems Google weren’t too impressed by the extreme interest that Mumble readers had in their ads, and decided to withdraw their services. Something to do with overly regular clicks. Glad I learnt the lesson now and not 10 years down the line when I […]


I just sold a Japanese grammar dictionary on Amazon for £37 – prices are always high at this time of year. I was a little shocked when I read the email from Amazon though – the buyer was one of my coursemates! That put me in a bit of a dilemma. I’ve made the decision […]

Appreciative Inquiry

Had a fascinating intro to Appreciative Inquiry today. I’d not heard of it before this morning’s meeting, but it sounds super duper to me, right up my street. Let’s have a summary of it shall we. Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a way of being and seeing. It is both a worldview and a process for […]

Task Explosion

Ah, this must be the one I was looking for… “15 tips for surviving a task explosion” I see they accidentally missed the one that said “Blog about it before actually taking any action”… [EDIT] Got my results from the second semester of uni in Japan today. 1 x 90% – 100%2 x 80% – […]

One of Those Meetings

This post may jump around a bit. Forgive me – I am absolutely buzzing! The further along this path I tread, the more convinced I am that it is the right way for me. Things keep happening, it’s just amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever really been pessimistic by nature, and I have, on the […]

Going, Going, (not quite gone)

…And we’ll start the bidding at 20 pounds. 20 pounds anyone? Do I see a bid there sir? I’ve just put my entire minidisc collection on eBay. 2 Minidisc players/recorders, another player, over 150 discs, cables, batteries and all. Click here to pick up an absolute bargain and pay for my food next week. 🙂 […]

Thoughts on returning home from the party

1) It kinda sucks having one’s partner the other side of the world. You look around you at the the other 150 people from Japan Society (3/4 of all members, not bad turnout at all), and you see people getting ‘friendly’, and you think, “I wish she was here”. The more old routines I go […]

Every Second Counts

It’s all happening. Very rushed entry ahead: This morning I saw my doctor. She’s lovely, and was so helpful re. my epilepsy and having enough medication to get through a Year in Japan when I saw her in 2004/05. She was pretty surprised though when I walked in with a few thousand tablets. Her reaction, […]

Would you buy a chipmunk for 99 pence?

I can now add Newspaper Photographer and Writer to my list of responsibilities this year, thanks to that portfolio I created yesterday. I’m just wondering though – is it voluntary? Oh, and somehow I have ended up being responsible for the Japan soc email account again… That’s three out of three years! Student Finance have […]

Back to school

A genuinely great day today. I must admit, I was a bit nervous going in to that first class this morning. It’s been what, 16 months since I was last had to do any work for SEAS, where effort really matters. There was also this fear that everyone else would be streets ahead of me, […]


The following is a message from the internationally respected campaign group Avaaz. “Dear friends, Burma’s generals have brought their brutal iron hand down on peaceful monks and protesters — but in response, a massive global outcry is gathering pace. The roar of global public opinion is being heard in hundreds of protests outside Chinese […]

Random stuff the day before it all kicks off

One advantage of being plugged into a university network (along with thousands of other students) is that one often finds other users inadvertently sharing their music collection. Right now, in iTunes, just above my own music collection are those of two other people who have forgotten to turn ‘library sharing’ off on their computers. I’m […]

Change the channel

I would like to report back on the successful outcome of an experiment that I began 7 weeks ago, prompted by my departure from a broadband/TV equipped place of rest. The experiment has basically involved avoiding all news of the national / international variety. No glancing at newspapers in shops, no more daily emails from […]


I’d like to share a few links and stuff that has caught my attention lately. First off is How to Write Down Your Goals – [MrWangSaysSo]. I’ve integrated this into my daily routine: why not try it yourself and we’ll compare notes in a few weeks. Incidentally, I cam across that via the ever-excellent […]

You don’t know me but, (…I know everything about you)

Last night, whilst loitering in the Student Union foyer waiting for folks to turn up for our first Japan Soc social, I was approached by a a stranger who said, “You must be Joseph! How’s your knee now?” This reference to an injury I sustained in the spring in Japan through the Trailwalker Challenge came […]

This life thing

There is something very special about true friendship. I am fortunate to have found a few people in all four of my major homes – Sheffield, Tokyo, Bristol and Hereford – who show a lot of trust in me and care for me. Tonight, I met up with a precious couple here in Sheffield who […]

Student Life Revisited

Before I get into the emotional turmoil stuff, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful music service I have discovered (thanks to Leo), called Magnatune, (“We are not evil”). Magnatune have an astonishingly large collection of hour-long podcasts featuring DRM free (no copy protection) music, covering many different genres. To find a genre that […]

The final word

It’s now 4 days since I arrived at my final destination, Sheffield, bringing to an end my 9000 mile, 30-station trip halfway around the world in 28 days. I made it! Sitting here in bed under my Paddington Bear duvet, accompanied by a Penguin and an oversize teddy bear, how do I feel about this […]

Video: Hello London

After 9000 miles on 30 trains, I finally arrive in London. Join me as I burst into tears. Well, almost. Tags: The Daily Mumble | Trans-siberian

Video: Lake Baikal

Over 600km long, 7km deep, a 5th of the world’s unfrozen fresh water, millions of years old – it’s amazin! Join me as I cycle across the island in the middle. Tags: The Daily Mumble | Trans-siberian

Video: Tom and his crazy English

Before we wind up this trip halfway around the world in 28 days, I’d like to do a little video review of a few of the places I visited. Let’s begin with Tom and his CRAZY ENGLISH! Tags: The Daily Mumble | Trans-siberian

The final leg

So, this is it. Morning of the final day of my journey from Tokyo to Sheffield. In a few hours, Mr. C will be arrive from Bristol to take the helm of the family chariot and drive it three hours north to the university of Sheffield, from where I shall pick up a key to […]

One Week On

I find it somewhat ironic that it’s only now I reach the UK that internet access becomes an issue. Mongolian Yurts? Light-speed connections to the information superhighway. Isolated Chinese border-town hotels? SO online there’s a Google search toolbar in the bathroom to help locate lost contact lenses. Dodgy 8th-floor youth hostels in Moscow? Username and […]

A familiar sunrise

There’s no words for this Mumble. Except to say, it’s good to see this familiar sunrise again. Tags: Herefordshire | The Daily Mumble | Trans-siberian

Arriving in the UK

Date and Time: Thursday 13th September, 2007. 15:49 BST Location: Carriage C, Seat 35, First Great Western to Newport, 3 minutes West of London Crikey o’reiley! How on Earth can anyone afford to live in London?! 2 hours there has nearly bankrupt me! You know how much a single ticket on the underground costs? Let’s […]

A slight mistake in a previous post

Date and Time: Thursday 13th September, 2007. 11:56 CET Location: Carriage 4, Sear 24, Eurostar train from Brussels to London – about to depart Brussels Well boys and girls we made it! I tell you, it was so nice to reach British Passport Control in Brussels. “Hello, how are you?” I was asked by the […]

They speak my language!

Date and Time: Thursday 13th September, 2007. 00:02 CET Location: Berth 32, train from Moscow to Cologne, German border control So this is it, just left Poland, now back in comfortable EU territory. By that I mean we’re now in a country where I can speak the language, at least to a certain extent, with […]

Hello Poland

Date and Time: Wednesday 12th September, 2007. 14:26 CET Location: Berth 32, train from Moscow to Cologne, somewhere in Eastern Poland I suppose it’s only appropriate that after a year of heavy use (almost every day) and much brutal treatment, my trusty laptop starts to show signs of wear and tear. In a way, I […]

The most luxurious train in the whole world

Date and Time: Tuesday 12th September, 2007. 06:55 Location: Bed 32, Train 11 from Moscow to Cologne. Currently in outskirts of Moscow, 20 minutes into 32 hour journey Diese zug ist nicht ‘gut’. Diese zug ist SEHR gut! or something like that. I tell you, this train is something else. This is train travel how […]

A day in Moscow

The following 3 posts come courtesy of a wireless link at Cologne station, Germany Date and Time: Tuesday 11th September, 2007. 6.10pm Location: Sweet Moscow Hostel, Moscow Checking in to the Sweet Moscow Hostel I was almost surprised that there was no-one there that I knew. Ok so there was the girl with the siblings […]

What? You mean my train for Germany left an hour ago?!

Date and Time: Monday 11th September, 2007. 3pm Location: Sweet Moscow Hostel, Moscow Before I tell you about my time in Moscow, I must breathe out. I am just recovering from the most hectic 2 hours of this trip so far. It could have been the most stressful too, beginning as it did with a […]

Hello Moscow

Date and Time: Monday 10th September, 2007. 22:45 Location: Sweet Moscow Hostel, Moscow It was only when our train was within about 90 minutes of Moscow station that our little section of carriage 9 got talking. Up until that point, the atmosphere had been somewhat strained by Marilyn and her daughter. Mother had had a […]

A walk amongst the stones

Date and Time: Sunday 9th September, 2007. 4:38am Moscow Time Location: Internet cafe next to the Kremlin, Moscow £10 for an umbrella?! £4.50 for two hours of internet?! This place is killing me. I didn’t actually have enough roubles to pay for my umbrella – the only one in the street, so I used all […]

Photo albums back online

It was brought to my attention that I had (inadvertently) locked my online albums to non-registered users, and not allowed new users to register! Just to say that I have today realised my mistake and unlocked them. Apologies for any trouble caused. All 9 albums from this trip now available here

A note to Mumblers

If you’re enjoying these mumbles from the road, please consider clicking on the adverts bottom right of the Mumble. These Russian net cafes cost an absolute fortune! If you’re not enjoying these mumbles from the road, please consider clicking on the adverts bottom right of the Mumble. These Russian net cafes cost an absolute fortune!

60-hour train ride – Part 2

[apologies for lack of photos. I took very few during this stretch of the journey.] Date and Time:Saturday 8th September 2007 14:52 Moscow time Location: Seat 18, Train 55 to Moscow, Siberia The Beatles’ Yesterday wafts down the carriage from one of the sections that has the radio turned up loud – Yesterday? I can’t […]

60-hour train ride – Part 1

Date and Time: Friday 7th September, 2007. 08:38am Moscow Time Location: Seat 18, Train 55 to Moscow, Siberia I’m not entirely sure where I am at the moment. Somewhere is Siberia. The train left Krasnoyarsk for Moscow 14 hours ago now. In that 14 hours, it’s stopped three times. Waking this morning after a surprisingly […]

Thoughts on The Russians

Date and Time: Tuesday 5th September August, 2007. 19:40 (Moscow +4) Location: Room 513, Hotel Gostiny Dvor, Krasnoyarsk, Russia (4098km East of Moscow) It’s been a recovery day today. A series of late nights, and then yesterday’s 19-hour train journey had left me exhausted, thus, when I arrived in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk at […]

The train to Krasnoyarsk

Date and Time: Tuesday 4th September 2007, 12.41pm Location:Seat 25, Carriage 1, train 205 to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia My lack of funds means that the use of the comfy couchettes has come to an end. From here it’s Platzkart all the way to Moscow, 80 hours / 5,185km to the West. The Platzkart class is not […]

Lake Baikal – part two

Date and Time: Tuesday 4th September August, 2007. 08:20am Location: Kitchen of Baikaler Hostel, Irkutsk, Siberia I had big plans for my only full day on the island of Olkhon, an island that is actually a mile-high mountain, with only its peak poking from above the mirrored lake surface. I had it all mapped out: […]

Lake Baikal – part one

Date and Time: Tuesday 4th September August, 2007. 12:26am Location: Kitchen of Baikaler Hostel, Irkutsk, Siberia I’ve had a wonderful few days. I’ve met some wonderful people, seen some wonderful sights, eaten some wonderful food that was both dairy and meat free. I’m back in the hostel in the regional capital of Irkutsk (capital to […]

And you thought your partner’s driving was bad – You should visit Siberia!

Date and Time: Saturday 1st September 2007, 10.30am Location: In a minibus that has been pulled over by the police, central Irkutsk, Siberia My trip to the vast lake Baikal has got off to an interesting start. My driver, Vladimir, is a nice chap. He doesn’t speak English, but he does speak a little German, […]

Buying tickets in Russia

Date and Time: Friday 31st August, 2007. 10.22am local time according to my Mac, although being on a train I’m more on Moscow time, thus it’s 5.22am. Location: On a sleeper train, between the shores of Lake Baikal and the city of Irkutsk, Siberia I tell you what, these time zones really do mess with […]

A final day of Yurtastic fun in Mongolia

Date and Time: Early morning, 30th August 2007 Location: Bed 16, Carriage 1, sitting in the Russian border of Naushki. Carriage swarming with Russian officials. About 5 hours since the train pulled in just a few metres down the track on the Mongolian side, we’re still going through immigration procedures. Our passports have been taken […]

Where’s my train gone?!

Date and Time: Early morning, early Autumn Location: Bed 16, Carriage 1, Approximately 12 hours into a 40-hour journey from the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar to the Russian city of Yakutsk. There is something mightily odd going on here! I’ve just woken up and stepped outside to have a look at this station where our […]

Speechless for three days in Mongolia

Date and Time: Early evening, early Autumn Location: Tradition Mongolian Yurt, somewhere in middle of Mongolia, 7 hours drive West of Ulaanbaatar Feeling: Dairyed out, but happy. Ulaanbaatar It’s nearing the end of Day 3 of our Yurt adventure. I wasn’t expecting us to still be here, the arrangement having been that we’d be returning […]

Live from the Yurt

Date and Time: Early morning, early Autumn Location: Tradition Mongolian Yurt, somewhere in middle of Mongolia, 7 hours drive West of Ulaanbaatar Feeling: Peaceful, despite sore bum It’s extraordinary what a powerful influence one’s surroundings have upon one’s rhythm. It’s only been 36 hours since we arrived at the collection of 4 yurts that is […]

Endless miles of stars

VITAL STATISTICS Date & Time: 25th August 2007, 10:10am Location: Train carriage next to remote village in central Mongolia, 1500km from Beijing. Feeling very happy. The train has stopped at some remote village – by ‘village’ I mean a group of 6 little widely-spaced homesteads, each consisting of a tin-roofed bungalow with up to three […]

Hello Mongolia

VITAL STATISTICS Date & Time: 24th August 2007, 10.13pm Carriage 8, bed 9, train to Ulanbaataar from China. Currently just inside Mongolia, Gobi Desert It was so funny when we were waiting to get through customs and immigration. As mentioned in my previous entry, I’d got to the station pretty early and so was first […]

Thoughts whilst waiting for the train

VITAL STATISTICS Date & Time: 24th August 2007, 2pm Location: entrance lobby of station, Chinese border town of Erlian, the Gobi Desert Time until next train: 4 hours I don’t really need to be here this early – check-in for the international train doesn’t start for another hour – but I’ve had a look round […]

Doing Business in China

VITAL STATISTICS Date & Time: 24th August 2007, 12pm Location: The hotel Hutiejuhengnuobinguan, Chinese border town of Erlian, the Gobi Desert Time until next train: 6 hours Length of next train journey (to the Mongolian capital, Ulanbaataar): 17 hours Hello. I’m sitting at my desk in my hotel room, just getting into the mood for […]

The hotel Hutiejuhengnuobinguan

VITAL STATISTICS Date & Time: 23rd August 2007, 10.30pm Location: The hotel Hutiejuhengnuobinguan, Chinese border town of Erlian, the Gobi Desert Distance travelled from Beijing: 842km Time until next train: 20 hours I don’t really get what the architect was thinking when he was designing the bathroom in my large, clean and fairly modern hotel […]

Beijing Duck

VITAL STATISTICS Time: Mid-morning, 23rd August 2007Location: On the local train heading north towards the Gobi Desert from Jining.Thoughts: Hmm, now I understand why the windows are sealed shut – if they weren’t the train would turn into a moving sand pit! The landscape is pretty flat in these parts. Long thin strips of crops […]

Stranded in Jining

VITAL STATISTICS Time: 06:30, Thursday 23rd of August 2007 (This means nothing to me. Time in the manmade sense lots its relevance last week) (This could be why I keep on missing trains…) Location: ‘Characterful’ lodgings, city of Jining, 498km north-west of Beijing, China Moments of sheer wowness in last 24 hours: too many to […]

The Forbidden City and Great Wall of China

With just two days in Beijing before my journey continued West, I was up early Sunday to go and meet the Emperor for tea in the Forbidden City. Having seen the film The last Emperor, I was pretty sure I’d recognise him when I saw him. I mean, judging by that film there weren’t all […]

Arrival in Beijing

It was dark by the time I pulled in at Beijing Station. What a madhouse that place is! Image a tin of sardines, then take away the oil, turn the sardines into people, multiply them by 4,785 and add a string of fairy lights – then you’ve got Beijing Station. I’d been given the address […]

Bullet Train from Shanghai to Beijing

VITAL STATISTICS Location: Car 1, seat 53 of bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing, 3 hours into a 10 hour 800+ mile train ride north. Currently somewhere north of Nanjing.Number of times the chap next to me has fallen asleep on my shoulder: 1 (has been asleep in that position since) My first impression of […]

Shanghai – Day 2

Day two was another scorcher. I set off fairly early to YuYuan Gardens, located just a few blocks West of the hostel. Dating back to the 1600s, these Ming Dynasty gardens contain over 30 halls and pavilions, as well as a huge rockery that forms a labyrinth of tunnels and caves. It was whilst sitting […]

Shanghai – Day 1

It seems TameGoesWild has been deemed unsuitable for The People: I can’t access anything on the TameGoesWild network! I wonder whether I should be proud of this fact or just annoyed! Must be the references to horses. Hurrah for a Blogger interface I say! Once again, apologies if the images don’t display correctly; I have […]

Voyage to Shanghai

This post was written on Wednesday 15th August 2007, 21:47 JSTApologies if the images do not display correctly – TGW is being blocked by the people in power in this country, thus I’m not entirely sure I’ve picked the right ones off Flickr! Voyage to Shanghai VITAL STATISTICS Location: Dining room on the Shanghai-bound ferry, […]

Video 05: The lights of Shanghai

A video I took a couple of hours ago on the waterfront here in Shanghai Once again, my apologies for the lack of professionalism in these videos – I’ll work on my technique! The thing is, it’s all been so chaotic!! Tags: Shanghai | waterfront | night | lights | China | trans-siberian | The […]

The videos that slipped through the Chinese net!

So whilst Flickr and FTP are blocked, YouTube seems to be working… here’s a couple of vids. Apologies in advance for “Moving the camera too much”. I hope to improve my video skills over the next few weeks! Video 1: Tokyo Station Video 2: Osaka Port Tags: video | Osaka | Tokyo | port | […]

Welcome to China

And a warm welcome it is too. I must have sweated at least 12 buckets today! Anyhow, I have actually written a great blog entry all about my fantastic 44-hour crossing to Shanghai – but for some reason I can't connect to my server via FTP, and both Flickr and Blogger seem to be partially […]

T minus 10 hours and counting

Yep, just 10 hours until my ferry departs from Osaka Port. I’m now staying in the Umeda Dormitory, which I stayed in for one night 2 years ago. It’s in a pretty convenient location, and has very friendly owners; for these reasons I recommended it to my coursemate Simon who arrived in Japan a month […]


I said bye-bye to *Twinkle* last night. As we won’t be seeing her again for a while, I thought we’d have a Daily Mumble *Twinkle* Fest. Tags: *Twinkle* | The Daily Mumble

The Journey Begins

According to the publicity campaign, my 14,000km trip starts on the 14th, but actually, that's just the day i leave Japan. The trip actually began two hours ago, at the little station of Shinden, 30 mins north of Tokyo station. We've decided to take the local train to Osaka whichtake 10 hours and 10 changes […]

Episode 11 – Sayonara Japan, or should that be "Mata ne!"

In the last show of series one of A Year in Japan, Joseph brings you up to date with the hectic final month of his Year in Japan as a university student. Hear the story about how a drunken hair cut almost cost him his Fuji TV Drama debut, in which he stars alongside the […]

This life business just gets better and better

This life business, I love it. Will tell you all the news about my forthcoming Fuji TV debut with Takako Tokiwa very soon. [Who is Takako Tokiwa? Wikipedia | WaiWai | Fuji TV] In the meantime, here’s a shot of some happy dancers in the park. Tags: fuji tv | takako tokiwa | park | […]

We become what we think about: The Haircut

This haircut was not consciously planned, it just happened. Click on the image below for a 2-page comic telling the story of what happened last night. When mulling it over this morning, and being pleasured by the feel of steam from my miso soup brushing past my kopf, it suddenly struck me, “Hang on, didn’t […]

TGW Photography

Wow, finally I have completed stage two of establishing a photography business (the first stage being starting to take photos!). It’s very early days yet, and in fact I do not intend for it to ever provide me with anything more than an irregular trickle of income – its purpose is not to make money. […]

Seperation looming

We’re just entering the difficult stage now, where our impending separation, now less than two weeks away, and set to last for almost a year, becomes only too visible on the horizon, like a large cloud moving towards our beautifully warm sun. There’s been the odd moment when one of us has suddenly been swamped […]

Halfway Around the World in 28 Days

Snappy title huh? In order to help get people thinking about the environmental impact of flying, I’ve created a very mini-site (all of 4 pages in fact!), explaining the reasons behind my decision to travel 9000 miles /14000km by ferry and train back to the UK next month. You’ll find it at (…although actually […]

SEAS Newsletter

The June edition of my (uni) department’s newsletter was published, er, well, in June funnily enough, and I’ve just got a hold of a copy hot off the internet. In addition to a story on The Trailwalkers, there’s a great goofy picture of yours truly on the back cover. Well, we wouldn’t want them to […]

Not caring about what others think

“What you think of me is none of my business” One of the harder challenges I’m facing is this business of not caring what other people think of me. It’s been a long bitter struggle, lasting for as long as I can remember, and of course it will never end – but I can work […]

The Secret

I picked up my passport today, after it’s month-long journey spent circulating various embassies. It’s now full of full-page visas, just waiting to be stamped. Took me a while to find the Mongolian Embassy, despite the fact that I was there just a week ago. It’s situated in the basement of a pretty normal apartment […]

Another train incident

Sometimes I’m so shocked by people’s behaviour in Japan. Things like mopping the floor of the train and then sucking the ‘mop’ dry are just surprising, but other things can really hurt. On the Yamanote line train a couple of minutes ago, an old man who’d been a bit wobbly on his feet when he […]


Sorry, I’ve been watching You Tube again. Found this beauty. For the Sheffield students/ lecturers amongst you – doesn’t the lecturer remind you of Rick? Oh, quote of the day: “If you follow the herd, you know what you’ll step in!” Tags: prangstgrup | The Daily Mumble

The salaryman on the train incident

It’s true, you really do have to be careful what you think about, as I discovered on the train home tonight from Hanno. The chap who sat opposite me for about 15 minutes as doing exactly what was mentioned in Tito’s comment on this Mumble, for the duration of his ride. The worst bit was […]


I figured out how to do macro shots with my camera tonight, with the aid of a macro filter which just after I bought it (last month) was deliberately confusing, causing me to throw it in the loft. This evening I was hit with inspiration whilst looking at the guy picking his nose in the […]

Two great sites for a better life

I’ve been meaning to mention these sites for a while, but keep on forgetting. They are both widely known, and one is even referenced on the other. I’ve known about them for some time now, thanks to Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann of the TWIT Network / 43 folders. The first is – It’s […]

Single Source

This follows on from my last post… There was one final thing that I wanted to mention, something I’ve been working on and experimenting with this week, and that is, taking the notion that we are all of a single source, and thus inextricably linked. Like the National Grid, or the internet, which sees all […]

Further thoughts on spirituality

This Mumble repeats much of what I said in an earlier Mumble, but such is the nature of Mumbles… ‘Anonymous’ posted the following comment on the Daily Mumble a couple of days back; I’ve decided to use it as a jumping-off point for today’s post. Have you read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? If […]

Telling the folks / Riding a Panda / Introducing Pepe

I have a tremendous amount to write about. So much has been going on inside (digestion) and outside (washing-up) of me. Firstly, a note to friends back home in Herefordshire: I hope you’re ok, and dry. There’s been the most incredible flash floods – as demonstrated by the photo below of the Regal Cinema in […]

Why one should never gobble down one’s peas

I just found a wriggling caterpillar in the pea-pod I was eating. That would have been ok, if it weren’t for the fact that only half of it was left. *sound of joseph running to bathroom heard* Tags: woops | The Daily Mumble

Trailwalker: Final report

It’s now almost two months since our legendary hike across the mountains of Southern Japan, and with the fundraising deadline almost upon us, it’s time to draw the curtains. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors: our grand total is £2365 ($4800) (between our two teams, including the money donated by the participants […]

It was a beautiful day today. Not in terms of weather – it pissed it down thanks to Typhoon #4 – but in terms of the people I met, and the laughter and joy. You know, if you smile, chances are they will smile back. The same thing occurs when you shine: the world really […]

Messages to People. And thoughts on God

There’s so much I want to say, but numerous calls back to loved ones in the in the UK have brought the clock on to past 3am, and I need my sleep, so I shall try and be brief. To start with though, I have a few messages: Firstly, my sincere and loving thanks to […]

Calling all Tokyoites

So, we’ve got this GREAT event in a very nice privately owned British bar on Sunday night from 8pm, and we want to have loads of fun and raise money for Oxfam Japan at the same time. Thus, I’m inviting everyone to come along and pit their wits against the greatest of Tokyo’s brains, for […]

a quiet announcement

It’s been quite a comical week, if one looks on it from the point of view of a camera being used to film a Hollywood comedy in which the main character repeatedly tries to find opportunities to propose to his girlfriend, but is repeatedly frustrated by the occurrence of unexpected events. Finally, however, he manages […]

Revising at Jonathons

Crikey gov, i don't know what's got into me today, but i'm just flying. It could be the coffee i guess. I stop what i'm doing and think for a moment how fortunate i am to have been reincarnated into this beautiful world, and so surrounded by loving, supportive people, and with a wealth of […]