This is a test

Back on the road after an intense two weeks of shoots and stuff! Kitanomaru park is now host to not only an Olympic venue, but also a mass vaccination site. Great to see the pace picking up, with over 1 million shots being administered in Japan every day, and the data showing results – infection rates in healthcare workers and seniors way down compared to previous highs. And, we’re delighted to finally have our vaccinations booked, 2nd July and 30th July. Thank you scientists and all those involved in making it happen 😀

385km TOKYO 2020

This is a repost of the blog I originally posted here. With just hours to go before the host city of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is chosen, I’m delighted to share my latest Art of Running project, completed late this afternoon. I ran this in support of the Tokyo 2020 campaign: having seen […]

Discovery Channel

This is a repost of an article first posted here. Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet was in Japan recently as part of an Asia Tech Week, covering robots, Tokyo-style skyscraper demolition… and an artistic tech runner with a thing for LEDs. We spent a couple of days with the crew, first at our home office planning […]

Parenting Class

Yesterday, Twinkle and I waddled along to the hospital for a parenting class. I say waddled, as Twinkle isn’t allowed to walk. An examination a couple of weeks back showed that there’s a risk of premature delivery, and she needs to avoid any exercise that might encourage the little chappy to make an early entrance. […]

The journey continues

I’ve made good progress this past week in terms of figuring out what it is I need to be doing. I’m not rushing the process, but rather, allowing myself to remain in certain states of mind for a couple of days, subconsciously meditating on a particular idea, and then reflecting on how it makes me […]

The mentalist

Time seems to have sped-up recently. Another week over – seems it was only yesterday that it was Monday. Perhaps that’s what happens when you make a conscious effort to make the most of each and every day. It was an interesting week. I had another three meetings with friends and acquaintances to discuss the […]


Been continuing to push ahead with the changes needed. One thing that’s been on my mind is the need to exercise. I didn’t run at all in June, being ‘too busy’ for it. Well, that’s no excuse, it just needs to be prioritised. Thus this morning I was up at 5am, restarting my Gympact membership […]


Picture of the day – Boris got the shock of his life when he woke up and found he was a drain hole cover. So, it was Sunday today. A good Sunday. It began in a relaxed fashion – watching some movie trailers. I’ve recently started using our Apple TV, which until now has been […]

If you had nothing to lose…

If you were tasked with redesigning your life, and you had nothing to lose, what would you change? It wasn’t until about a week ago that I started thinking like this. Until then, the whole process of reconsidering what it is we’re doing was based upon the assumption that financial growth was a prerequisite, and […]

Meet our little boy

Here’s what a 25-week-old unborn Tame child looks like – meet our son! He does actually already have a name but I am told by TwinkleTame that this is still strictly confidential and not to be shared on the interwebs. I can tell you though that it is a boy’s name and works well in […]


I ‘planted’ this avocado stone in a jar of water about a month ago, put it at the back of the shelf above the kitchen sink, and then forgot about it, being preoccupied by a deluge of work. It was only when the shelf was emptied of cups a couple of days ago that I […]

Was a lot of fun to film this

Good to see other familiar faces too. Reshared post from +Peeta Planet – A Social Travel Series It's here! PeetaPlanet™ Episode 05: Tokyo has arrived for your enjoyment. There are TWO exclusive Minisodes only available online as well. Don't miss it! Cheers! +Otaku Mode +Joseph Tame Embedded Link PeetaPlanet™ Episode 05: Tokyo (NEW EPISODE!!!) This is […]

Video: Skydive from 4.2km

Looking out the door from 4.2km up, your body screams NOOOOOOOOO!!! …but it's too late to back out. The only way down is vertically, at 200km/h.(Actual jump at 3m05s) Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

Our first in-house animation: A Short History of Communication

Having first worked together last year on the Otsuka Story video (which I’m happy to say is now featured on their new website) Artist Jean-paul Buquet and I teamed up to push the boundaries of stop motion animation, and are delighted to have completed our first in-house production. ‘A Short History of Communication’ – which […]

<!--:en-->The Art of Running: LED Traces<!--:-->

I love the tracing where I’ve run. Until now, with The Art of Running I’ve typically used a GPS device to leave a virtual trace, a set of coordinates which can then be overlaid on a digital map (such as Google Earth) to bring the run to life online. It was during the short winter […]

<!--:en-->[Video] Running the Imperial Palace: High Five Camera<!--:-->

Here we are again then – reposting posts from my other website! You can slap me if you’d like to. I love running the Imperial Palace loop. Over the past few months I’ve come to recognise quite a few of the other regular runners – and as you can see from this video, they’ve come […]

<!--:en-->Interview on Bunka Housou: Kunimaru Japan<!--:-->

I originally posted this over on josephta.me, but I’m so efficient/lazy/busy I’m reposting it as it is right here. With this month marking the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a lot of media are focusing on stories connected to the horrendous events of that March 11th. Back in 2011 I took The […]

I'll be live streaming the Tokyo Marathon tomorrow from just before 9am (GMT+9)…

I'll be live streaming the Tokyo Marathon tomorrow from just before 9am (GMT+9) – very much looking forward to it – do tune in if you can as I'll need the support 🙂 よろしくお願いします! 頑張ります!  Reshared post from +Mika Ueno 今年もジョセフ +Joseph Tame  がネット生中継しながら東京マラソンを走る!ジョセフの人柄と、ランナー視点でのマラソン、沿道の人との交流。彼のマラソン生中継は朗らかで元気をもらえて、芸能人ばっかりのTV中継より何倍も面白いよ。配信は明日朝8:30から、ジョセフのウェブサイト(とUstream)でスタート。 Joseph runs Tokyo Marathon with his heavy gears tomorrow (Feb/24 JST). And […]