A Week in Tokyo – Tame Style

I’m just emerging from what has probably been one of the busiest weeks of the year so far. Whilst busy is good for a freelancer, it’s been a little *too* busy at times – but emerging from the other end I can now look back and appreciate it all! Monday I met with the communications […]

July 2010: Mt. Fuji, Tweetup, and Going Freelance

Looking back at the past month of entries on my blog, I see that I’ve completed neglected to talk about how things have panned out since I left White Rabbit Press at the end of June. The reason for that is simple – I’ve been extremely busy with new projects, and have not really not […]

Mount Fuji Live! 2010

This post will be cross-posted at MobileinJapan.com. 日本語はこちらです。 Active Otaku One thing I’ve promised myself is that if I’m going to be a tech otaku, I’m not going to the passive type. I’m not going to be one of those who lie in bed at night with their multi-generational iPhones lined up on the bedside […]

cooltiger – The Bread Runner

You may remember that towards the end of the Tokyo Marathon, I was stopped by a family whom I’d never met before, who’d seen what I was up to and decided to prepare some bread to give to me when I passed them. It was a very kind gesture – I was touched. In an […]

TEDxTokyo 2010

Jake Shimabukuro performs live at TEDxTokyo 2010 Without a doubt the one thing that I’ve focused on more than anything else over the past month has been TEDxTokyo. What is TEDxTokyo? Intro to TED Intro to TEDx video intro to TEDxTokyo I was first invited to participate by good friend and fellow tech-lover @SteveNagata. Knowing […]

Tokyo Marathon 2010: The full (and final) story

One reason for starting this website about 10 years ago was to document my life. Doing so not only helps me remember, but also helps me reflect on the things I’ve done, and (hopefully) learn from them. Recent weeks and months have seen me posting far less on The Daily Mumble than I used to, […]

Media Tectonics WordPress Website Workshop – Sun 6th December

On Sunday December 6th from 2pm to 5pm I’ll be running a WordPress workshop for complete novices “From idea to online in three hours”. It’s aimed at those who have no prior experience of creating or maintaining a website. It’s being organised as a part of a series of workshops by Media Tectonics (Cindy Mullins […]