TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout

今晩は TEDxTokyo Google+ ハングアウトでTED2013 のスピーカーとして選ばれたBLACK氏をゲストの一人として参加していただきました!

BLACKさんが現在Campfireのcrowd fundingサイトで支援を求めています。


World Yo-Yo Champion, TEDxTokyo Speaker and all-round very nice guy BLACK has been chosen to speak / perform on the main stage at TED in California this year. He joined us as a special guest for tonight's TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout.

Help him take his performance to the next level by supporting his crowd-funding campaign to help cover the costs involved. Can't wait to see him wow the world!

TEDxTokyo Google+ Hangout 2013年1月21日: TED2013 スピーカーについて

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